6 Best Substitutes for Dark Soy Sauce


Before we expound more on dark soy sauce, you need to understand the definition of soy sauce. Soy sauce dates back over 2000 years ago. Chinese monks made the condiment from soybeans as a substitute for meaty cooking sauces. 

The condiment is widely used globally for various recipes and cooking styles. It adds rich umami flavor and taste to dishes such as soups, stews,  vegan and meaty recipes. But what is dark soy sauce? Most people often don't know the difference between various sauces. In this article, we shall learn about dark soy sauce uses, substitutes, and the best brand to buy from. 

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What is dark soy sauce

Dark soy sauce has a thicker consistency hence a longer fermentation process. Additionally,  it has a rich dark brown color from the added caramel and ways of production. It has a sweeter taste than regular soy sauce. This is because of agents like dark brown sugar and palm sugar molasses. Most people think dark soy sauce has less salt than regular soy sauce. Nonetheless, the condiment has 15% more sodium than light soy sauce. The mild sweetness makes the saltiness to be less salty. 

Uses of dark soy sauce

Dark soy sauce is frequently used in dishes to achieve dark brown color. This includes red-cooked pork, beef, broccoli, fried rice, pan-fried noodles, braising, and marinating stews. Further, the condiment is preferred when you use it.

It is used widely in delicious dishes. However, what can you instead if you do not have dark soy sauce? Now let's learn six best dark soy sauce substitutes.

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6 substitutes for dark soy sauce

Light soy sauce: the condiment has a thinner consistency and is golden brown. It also has a strong savory and umami flavor. Therefore, it is perfect as dressing, marinade, a table condiment, and sauce mix. Light soy sauce can be used in noodles and stir fry recipes. 

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Teriyaki sauce: teriyaki sauce contains soy sauce, sake, sugar, and ginger. It acts as a seasoning or marinade ingredient and can be used in meat, vegetables, tofu, fish, and other recipes. 

Oyster sauce: it is made from oyster extract, salt, sugar, and some contain cornstarch. You may think it tastes like fish, but the sauce has an earthy, salty, and slightly sweet taste. Furthermore, it is thicker and dark brown, like dark soy sauce. 

Hoisin sauce: the condiment contains fermented soybeans, garlic, red chili pepper, sugar, vinegar, and various spices. The reddish-brown sauce is sweet and has a rich umami flavor. 

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Mushroom soy sauce: it is made from dried Chinese straw mushrooms. It can be used as a substitute for dark soy sauce to achieve an earthy flavor. 

Regular soy sauce:  the condiment is labeled as soy sauce. They are available in major supermarket brands. If you are looking for wholesale soy sauce, do not hesitate, contact JOLION Foods for best soy sauce products.



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