Is Oyster Sauce The Same As Hoisin?


Sauces are essential in the preparation of a variety of dishes. For this reason, many types have been devised from different ingredients to achieve different tastes and colors. That's why it's important to understand the main components before cooking. Most people always ask whether the oyster sauce is the same as hoisin. This article will answer this question in detail. 


What is oyster sauce?

Oyster sauce refers to different types of sauces made by cooking oysters. The most used is a dark brown sauce made by mixing oyster extracts with corn starch, water, sugar, and salt. High-quality oyster sauce appears naturally dark. Some versions can be formulated with caramel to enhance the dark shade.

Soy sauce is mostly used in Malay, Thai, Chinese, Khmer, and Vietnamese cuisines. However, its usage has become increasingly popular in cuisines from other parts of the world. The first use of Oyster in historical records dates back to the 1870s. It was prepared using iron basins, and the coil consumes a lot of time. Companies have devised smart ways to automate the process and still produce a quality oyster sauce.

Is oyster sauce the same as hoisin

Oyster sauce is not the same as hoisin sauce because they are made from different ingredients and procedures. Hoisin sauce refers to a thick red-brown sauce mostly used in Chinese cuisines as a condiment, a coating for meat, and other dishes. The preparation and taste of hoisin sauce usually differ depending on the region of origin.

The main difference between oyster sauce and hoisin is that oyster sauce's main ingredient is Oyster extract, while hoisin is fermented soybeans. Although hoisin does not contain any seafood ingredients, it is important to note that the name hoisin is a shortening for the Chinese term "Seafood Sauce ''. Apart from the preparation and ingredients, oyster sauce and hoisin feature different tastes.

Oyster sauce vs fish sauce

Oyster sauce is different from Fish sauce in various ways. For example, oyster sauce's main ingredient is oyster extracts, while the fish sauce is usually prepared from fermenting fish. Another notable difference is the consistency. The fish sauce is watery and clear, while the oyster sauce is thick. The flavor is also different; for instance, the fish sauce contains a saltier and nuttier flavor, while the oyster sauce is sweet with a salty undertone. Fish sauce has a fishy smell which you can overcome by using it in small amounts or mixing it with lime juice.

Best oyster sauce manufacturer

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