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To impress clients and leave a good impression on them, delivering a product with a unique flavor that can differentiate it from others is a must. Thus, choosing a custom seasoning solution is a good helper to your business, as it can be designed to meet your requirements and create a specific flavor. This can also increase the appeal to your target consumers. Jolion Foods is such a supplier that can offer custom and impressive flavors. We are committed to embracing new challenges in the food market and developing the best custom sauce solution that our clients demand. Contact us today!

Why Choose Us

As the seasoning market is changing, we invest a lot in R&D innovation annually to develop the best flavors that cater to the trend of the market. Our commitment to delivering the best custom flavoring can be embodied in our products.


Quality is our top priority. All our sauces are made of high-quality selected natural raw materials, allowing your consumers to enjoy a top-notch enjoyment for taste, and bringing a healthy lifestyle.

One-Stop Service

With the client-oriented concept, we offer a one-stop service regarding custom flavors. Any needs about sauce solutions here can be satisfied, including ODM and OEM sauce, bulk soy sauce, etc.

Various and Impressive Flavors

Different sauces are available in Jolion Foods, such as gluten-free oyster sauce, Chinese chili sauce, best sesame oil, sushi vinegar, etc.


Convenient Solutions

Clients can enjoy conveniences from our custom seasoning solution as we cover products of various tastes and offer a one-stop service.




What Benefits can our Clients get

form our Custom Seasoning  Solution

jolion soy sauce manufacturer

For Restaurants

We can help them design impressive flavors in accordance with their delicacies, helping them to retain consumers. Meanwhile, we can help restaurants save costs that can be used to develop new cuisines.


Seize a Market Opportunity. Our custom flavoring solution can help you develop a unique and tasty sauce that can win the love of consumers, thereby boosting your business.

Factories Looking for ODM Service

Equipped with 6 production lines and the most advanced fully automated production equipment, we can save production costs and speed up the production cycle.


Save Cost. We will give the most suitable and cost-effective custom solution to you, helping you minimize the cost.

jolion soy sauce manufacturer
jolion soy sauce manufacturer

For Shops and Supermarkets

More importantly, we have carried out strict quality control, so the quality problem will never happen.


Get a Win-Win Result. As we are one of the most prestigious custom seasoning suppliers, using our custom solution can elevate your brand awareness and win the trust of your clients. This is the best result.

Corporate Brands

How Do We Provide a Custom Seasoning Solution


Communicate with Clients About Their Custom Needs

Clients, who are interested in our customized seasoning projects, can send the specific requirements and details to us, including formulation and packaging requirements. Then we will have professional teams to respond to your needs.


Provide the Product Proposal and Quotation

After we receive the custom requirements, we will provide a product solution that most fits with clients’ needs. Also, we will attach the corresponding quotations to proceed further with the project.


Get the Confirmation

If clients agree on the solution and quotation we offer and confirm, we will prepare the contract and related materials and sign contracts with them. After that, clients need to pay a deposit for their custom projects.


Carry out Packaging Design and Product Development

Next, we will design corresponding product packaging and produce product samples for customized projects. The whole development takes about a month.


Get Confirmation on Labels and Samples

Clients need to confirm whether the product packaging design and sample are up to their standards. 


Carry out Mass Production

Once we get the final confirmation from clients on labels and samples, we will arrange for our factory to carry out mass production as soon as possible.



Deliver Goods

When clients’ customized seasoning is produced, we will deliver goods to them. The whole process is finished, but our after-sales team will still offer professional service to solve any problem you meet.


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Have a Questions? Call Us


Have a Questions? Call Us


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No.101, Dongyuan South Road, East District, Zhongshan City, GuangDong Province, China.

Visit Our Company at

No.101, Dongyuan South Road, East District, Zhongshan City, GuangDong Province, China.

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