Is there a low-sodium oyster sauce?


Oyster sauce refers to the sauce made after cooking oysters. It is mainly used to prepare Vietnamese, Malay, Chinese, Khmer, and Thai cuisine. Nonetheless, it can be used to prepare a handful of other dishes across the world as it adds a savory flavor to many vegetable and meat dishes. Salt, sugar, water thickened with corn starch, and oyster extracts are the main ingredients. Oyster sauce is prepared by simmering oysters slowly in water until the extracts scorch into a thick, intensely flavorful sauce.

1. What is low sodium oyster sauce?

A low sodium oyster sauce is the same as the regular oyster sauce but with less salt. It is prepared following the same process. Reducing the amount of salt reduces sodium significantly, making it ideal for people who take low sodium dishes. Besides, it’s a healthier alternative for people looking into lowering sodium intake in their diets. Low sodium oyster sauce still keeps the same good flavor. You can use it for seasoning, just like the typical oyster sauce.  

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low-sodium oyster sauce

2.  Jolion Foods - Low sodium oyster sauce

Jolion Foods' Oyster Sauce ideally fits for meat, fish and vegetable dish. Together with soy sauce is perfect for meat pickling. It is also used as seasoning for noodles & pasta.

As an oyster manufacturer,  JOLION Foods is mainly engaged in exporting Chinese foodstuffs to supermarkets, variety stores, fast food stores, western restaurants, Chinese restaurants and wholesale markets all over the world. We have been professional in the exporting, developing and trading of foodstuff for many years. It makes us concentrate more on quality, variety and customer needs.


Product Features:

  1. All sauces are selected with natural ingredients without any pollution. Fit for human consumption.

  2. All production process are strictly controlled under the documental formula,

  3. with most advanced fully automatical machines and 28 years working experiences Tech manager.

  4. It is rich in special and strong oyster favor

nutrition fact:

Low sodium oyster sauce offers the same nutrient values as the norm oyster sauce. The only difference is that it has less sodium. It is a much healthier alternative for preparing your dishes.

Same with regular ones, even healthy with low sodium. Here is a summary of low sodium oyster sauce nutrition value Low calories- Oyster extract has low calories making it ideal for people on a weight loss journey. One tablespoon contains only 9 calories. Using this product is the best way to add savory to your dishes without adding many calories. Besides, it has less fiber and fats.

  • Vitamin B 12- This helps boost brain functioning.

  • Iron- Low sodium oyster sauce contains iron that helps in blood formation Omega 3 fats- This helps boost the brain memory, immune system function and reduce tiredness and fatigue.

  • Copper- This boosts the immune system and the nervous system.

  • Magnesium and potassium: They help to relax blood vessels hence lowering blood pressure.

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3. Where to buy low sodium oyster sauce?

If you are looking for the best Low sodium oyster sauce manufacturers globally, then Jolion might be your best option. It was founded in 1980 and has since grown to become one of the leading producers of all kinds of oriental soy sauce. With years of EXP, JOLION Foods always manufactures and supplies quality low-salt oyster sauce and low-sodium oyster sauce, which are thought highly of by our clients. 

Jolion's Oyster Flavoured Sauce is perfect for households, restaurants, Asian Groceries, Asian Stores, Mainstream catering, Food Processing Industry, Hypermarkets...or any other foods wholesalers and distributors. OEM/ODM sauce and private-label sauce services are also available.

4. Why choose Jolion Foods Company

1599632482_oyster sauce.jpg

Jolion foods produce Halal products that are suitable for consumption by people of all backgrounds. Besides, it is HACCP certified, meaning it complies with all the food processing plant safety guidelines. Other certifications of the Jolion FoodsCompany include KOF-K and FDA.

Quality and Safety
Jolion Company uses high-quality Non-GMO products to produce world-class products. All the products are also inspected thoroughly to make sure that you receive the best quality.

This company has been oyster sauce wholesaler for more than 40 years. Over the years, it has learned to produce products that customers want.

Corporate brand
Jolion has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world when it comes to shipping and retail.

World Wide Shipping
Jolion Foodshas managed to ship products to many parts of the world, including the developing countries in Africa and South America.

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