What Is Oyster Sauce & What is in it ?


Oyster sauce is a syrup-like sauce that is glossy and thick. It is mostly used in Chinese cuisine. Despite its name and using oyster juice as one of the base ingredients, it does not taste like fish. The sauce has this distinct sweet, earthy, and salty taste. It is one of those kitchen condiments you do not want to miss out on as it is versatile. You can use oyster sauce in different dishes to enhance your food's flavor, taste, and texture. Below, we discuss all you need to know about the oyster sauce. Let's get started.

What is an oyster sauce, and what is it made of

As stated above, oyster sauce is a syrup-like sauce. It is made from a mixture of boiled-down oyster juices that have been caramelized with sugar and salt. All the base ingredients used to make oyster sauce give it its dark brown, almost black color. Some brands of oyster sauce include soy sauce that is thickened with corn starch. The corn starch gives this ingredient a thick consistency, making it a great addition to meat and vegetable dishes. This Cantonese sauce adds a sweet brine note to your steamed and stir-fried vegetables. 

Apart from this, there are different brands of oyster sauce for people who are vegetarians or allergic to shellfish. They can use the vegetarian oyster sauce substitute usually made from mushrooms or soybeans.


How do you cook with it?

It is easy to incorporate oyster sauce into your meals as it is used straight from the bottle. Its velvety texture makes it the perfect ingredient to be added to your stir-fry. You can add this sauce to other sauces, use it on its own or drizzle it on top of steamed vegetables.

But just what amount can you use? When cooking with oyster sauce, you only need a small amount as it has a strong flavor that can overwhelm a dish. When you want to use this sauce as a garnish, you can pour it straight from the bottle. When you need to use it in your favorite stir fry, you will have to combine oyster sauce with other ingredients before cooking it with your vegetables or coating your meat. Rice vinegar, brown sugar, rice wine (mirin), and soy sauce can be used with oyster sauce.

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The advantages of oyster sauce

Oyster sauce has many advantages and benefits to the body, making it the perfect ingredient to have in your kitchen. The sauce contains little calories, no fat, and has a healthy dose of calcium, good for bone strength. Below we give some of the unique benefits of oyster sauce.

1.It boosts the immune system due to the high zinc content. It may reduce the longevity and severity of cold symptoms.

2.It promotes healthy brain function due to vitamin B12.

3.It helps increase energy levels.

4.It helps relieve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

5.It regulates blood sugar levels due to the manganese in it.

Jolion quality oyster sauce products: Vegetarian Oyster Sauce & Kosher Oyster Sauce

Jolion Food Company offers quality oyster sauce products. The company is well-known as one of the best manufacturers of soy products. One of Jolion's celebrated brands is the Happy Mum Brand which comes with different types of oyster sauce. The brand offers vegetarian oyster sauce and kosher oyster sauce.

Gluten Free Oyster Sauce is a kosher oyster sauce made from oyster extract. This low-calorie and rich in amino acids sauce is good for any dish (noodles, pasta, vegetables, fish, and meats). It is good for both babies and elders.


Vegetarian Oyster Sauce from the Happy Mum Brand can also be used in various dishes. It is rich in essential amino acids and has low calories.

Jolion provides custom products, including oyster sauce

Jolion Food Company is based in Zhongshan city and was founded in the 1980s. Jolion is known for its various kinds of quality oriental soy sauce. The company has various certifications (Halal, FDA, BRC, Kosher, and HCCP).

In addition to this, it partners with OEM and ODM. OEM means that the company partners with its customers and builds products based on the designs provided to them by their customers. One of their favorite custom products is the oyster sauce. Jolion makes vegetarian and non-vegetarian oyster sauces perfect for restaurants, households, and any mainstream catering services. Get versatile oyster sauces here at Jolion 

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