Is Fish Sauce Gluten Free


Fish sauce may contain gluten, depending on the brand and the facility in which it was produced. Like soy sauce, fish sauce can be made gluten-free but may NOT be gluten-free. Thai Kitchen makes a gluten-free fish sauce, but when buying the sauce for yourself or eating out, see the label for yourself.

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Learn more about Fish Sauce

Fish Sauce. It's the reason for that funky smell in the air as you walk towards the front door of a Thai restaurant! 

While it's used in some Chinese dishes, fish sauce is an essential ingredient for many Taiwanese, Thai, Vietnamese and other Southeast Asian dishes. We love using it in our cooking!

What Is Fish Sauce?

Good fish sauces are made from a mixture of fish and salt that has been allowed to ferment for up to two years. Traditionally, oily fish such as anchovies are placed in a barrel with salt and slowly pressed to extract the liquid. Anchovies are often used, although some fish sauces are also made from shrimp, krill, or mackerel. The basic ingredients of a good fish sauce are fish, water, and salt. Sometimes sugars such as caramel or molasses are added, or roasted rice, but it isn't necessary.

What Does It Taste Like?

The fish sauce tastes fishy, salty, and a bit funky, but in a good way. It's often used with lime juice and other ingredients, which aids in balancing out the flavor and aroma. Since it's not always used as a stand-alone product, it doesn't necessarily make a dish taste "fishy" unless it's used in excess. It adds that savory umami element. For example, just a drop or two is often added to noodle dishes like a condiment at the table to amplify the flavors a bit.

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Quality Fish Sauce made by JOLION FOODS

Jolion fish sauces are selected with natural ingredients without any pollution, such as water, extract of fish, and salt, fit for human consumption. These sauces taste delicious and have fish flavor.

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Fish Sauce vs. Oyster Sauce

It could be easy to confuse these two because of their briny, saucy similarities, but they are different products. Fish sauce is watery, clear, and salty. Oyster sauce is sweeter with a hint of salt; it's made by reducing oyster extracts. Its aroma is not as strong as that of fish sauce.

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Fish Sauce Uses

Nam pla is one of those ingredients that adds what may seem like a certain indescribable element to many Asian dishes, but once you begin to work with it, you can detect its presence and develop a sense of how to balance its flavor in recipes for marinades, dipping sauces, and stir-fries. It's key to the dipping sauce nuoc cham in Vietnamese cuisine, for example, where it's combined with lime juice, sugar, garlic, and chiles.


Fish Sauce Recipes

Asian food prioritizes the balance among various flavor elements, and dishes with fish sauce often will have a sour and sweet component in them, too, to balance the taste.  Fish sauce is key to stir-fried dishes;  it's an ingredient in pad thai recipes, along with tamarind paste.



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