Are Rice Noodles Healthy


what is rice noodles?

Rice noodles are long and thin noodles made with rice as the main material. They are popular in southern China, and Southeast Asia because of their rich rice production. Rice flour texture is flexible, elastic, boiled not paste soup, dry frying is not easy to break. Rice noodles in different regions have different lengths, thicknesses, textures and tastes due to different cooking methods.


Types of rice noodles in JOLION you don't know

1.kongmoon rice stick

kongmoon rice stick is a traditional dish in Guangdong Province. The folk food is from the original cottage industry gradually evolved into mass drying by large row of form a complete set of rice noodle production line, after a late rice, selected level of milled early elaborate collocation, soaking rice, rice milk water, raw silk drying room, many from soft silk, cook a hot steaming, washing water cooling, silk, chamber baked-on, natural moisture regain of people waiting for the traditional craft formula, In addition, Jiangmen, Zhongshan, Xinhui unique water, soil, water quality, air humidity temperature and other natural conditions through natural moisture, can produce authentic kongmoon rice stick.Excellent quality, convenient cooking, delicious lubrication, unique taste, refreshing spring teeth, not paste constantly, soup powder fried powder, cold hot pot are suitable.

2.Xinzhu rice stick

Xinzhu rice stick is better known as the thin rice stick, which is first pressed into thin filaments and then steamed in a steamer, and then air-dried for convenient preservation. After the rice harvest season, the northeast monsoon blows from October to December. Because of the low rainfall and strong wind during this period, it is suitable for sunning rice stick, and the quality of rice stick is also the best season.


3.Shahe rice noodle

Shahe Rice Noodles is a special snack in southern China and Vietnam. It belongs to Cantonese cuisine. It is named because the snack originated from Shahe Town in Guangzhou City. The main ingredient is rice. The snack taste slippery, cool soft and soft strength; The cooking time is 3-5 minutes.


4.Longkou vermicelli 

Longkou vermicelli thread uniform thin, pure bright, neat and flexible, white and transparent, when cooking water is soft, long-term cooking will not break, taste tender, smooth and chewy. there is no additive in Longkou vermicelli due to our strict standards

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The benefits of JOLION rice noodles

nourish the stomach, nourish blood and qi, sound ears, clear eyes, strengthen the spleen, and stomach.

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