28g Wholesale Organic Sushi Nori Sheets Roasted Seaweed

Happy Mum Brand sushi nori is High quality natural kelp grass. Our freshly roasted kelp bed sheets are made from fresh quality ingredients. It has full-size sheets, easy to roll and pack, and contains no sugar or trans fats. Natural roasted seaweed, with a unique salty and crunchy texture, makes for a pleasant dining experience and taste at home.
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Packing Details
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1. High quality natural kelp grass.No sugar or trans fats.
2. It is roasted to crispy perfection.

3. Rich nutrition for good health. Packed with multiple vitamins & minerals

4. No additives. Natural, organic and a healthy superfood.


 Product Name28g Wholesale dried sushi nori sheets seaweed Jolion
 Brand Happy Mum brand,or OEM Brand
 Quality Guarantee   12 months
 Delivery time 25~30 days after receipt of payment from buyer
 Loading Port Guangdong
 Volume /weight 28g
 Certifications Haccp,BRC,Halal,Kosher,FDA
 Serving Ideas Dried sushi nori sheets are used for sushi & other savory healthy wraps, also can be added in soup, salad.
 MaterialsDried Seaweed

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Packing Details:





          10 sheet * 40 bags

               L*W*H(cm) 40*26*15

                 1.12            1.4

5 sheet * 600 bags

L*W*H(cm) 50.5*40.5*60




1.Used traditionally for sushi & other savory healthy wraps.

2.Supercharge any meal by adding this sea vegetable to your favorite soup, salad.

3. Enjoy on its own for a unique snack.


Jolion FoodsSushi Nori is rich in natural umami flavor, it can be used in many ways beyond traditional sushi rolls.

Full-size sheets & Easy to roll and pack.

Customer's private brand are acceptable.

OEM Service


We are an OEM/ODM customized manufacturer that can provide you with one-stop services.


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