Dried egg noodle

Egg Noodles
Rare Pearl Bridge Brand noodles is popular in EU market.Very easy to cook and save time.
Only boil noodle in boiling water for about 3 minutes. soak and rinse with cold water. Cook noodle with stock and other ingredients until done.
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1. Soup noodles: Put the noodles into the cooked hot soup. Add cooked vegetables, egg, chicken, prawns etc.
2. Fried noodles: fry the noodles with cooking oil and sauce. Add cooked vegetables, egg, chicken, prawns etc.


Product Name: Dried Noodles
Brand :Happy Mum Brand Or Rare Pearl Bridge Brand
Color: Yellow
Supply Ability :1200 Tons Per Month
 Loading Port:Guangdong
Certifications   : Haccp,BRC,Halal,Kosher,FDA
Width: thin, middle, broad
 Materials: Selected Wheat Flour

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Packing Details:




Instant Egg Noodles(Thin)250g*50pkts13.25 0.0378793/1580/1850
400g*50pkts22.00 0.0822360/720/840
454g*50pkts24.70 0.0952310/620 /730
Instant Egg Noodles(Broad)     250g*50pkts13.25 0.0378793/1580/1850
400g*50pkts22.00 0.0822360/720/840
454g*50pkts24.70 0.0952310/620 /730
Quick Cooking Egg Noodles500g*30pkts17.00 0.06161150/40'HQ
Quick Cooking Noodles500g*30pkts17.00 0.06161150/40'HQ


Jolion's private label egg noodles are perfect for household,restaurant,Asian Groceries,Asian Stores,Mainstream catering,
Food Processing Industry,Hypermarkets...or any other foods wholesalers and distributors.
Our Sesame Oil is also a great item for babies and elders.It is good for any dishes,to make your foods delicious and healthy and increase your appetite.


Carefully selected raw material using NON-GMO wheat flour

No preservatives added and non cornstarch added

Produced in a high standard workshop with very strict processing procedures

Low Aluminium content, Conforms with EU legislations

Suitable for all ages, It is belonged to Green Food, delicious and mellow in taste, suited for soup, braised and stir-frying.

OEM Service


We are an OEM Food Manufacturer specialising in seasoning sauce, instant noodles, oil, vinager, powder, peanuts butter, and ready-to-eat snacks.


JOLION Foods manufacturing division is dedicated to assisting partners to develop and launch products into the market quickly and efficiently.


By providing unique resources that include R&D, proprietary device design, and complete manufacturing capabilities, JOLION can bring a product from a dream to reality. Contact us for more details and get free quote.


  • Free Consultation 
  • Recipe Formulation
  • Custom Sauce / Private label sauce
  • Noodles
  • Packaging

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