700g Sweet Chilli Sauce for Chicken

Sweet Chilli Sauce
Happy Mum Brand Sweet Chili Sauce is the best choice of one dipping sauce to enhance the sweet and chili taste for a done dish, good for seafood or chicken, beef or vegetable.It also great suitable for Spring Roll.
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Packing Details
Product Advantage
OEM Service

1、Best-selling seasonings among our products.
2、Natural color and good taste.
3、Seleted Fresh and Non-GMO Chilli as raw material.
4、Best Price ,Attractive quality ,professional sales service.
5、We are private label specialist,we excel in providing superb quality for OEM business.


 Product Name

700g Chicken Sweet Chilli Sauce

 BrandHappy Mum Brand
 ColorRed color
 Supply Ability 1200 Tons Per Month
 Loading Port Guangdong
 Process Traditional Natural Brewing
 Certifications Haccp,BRC,Halal,Kosher,FDA
 Taste  Sweet and Fresh Chilli Taste
 MaterialsSelected Chili

Packing Details:

160g*24btls Glass bottle 2100
160*12btls/box*4boxes 1130
230g*24btls 2400
280g*24btls 1870
320g*24btls 1350
500g*15btls 1600
700g*12btls 1520
710g*12btls 1250
2.3kg*6jars Plastic drum 1500
5LBS*12jars 700
6kg*2jars 1536


Jolion's chicken sweet chilli sauce is perfect for household,restaurant,Asian Groceries,
Asian Stores,Mainstream catering,
Food Processing Industry,Hypermarkets...or any other foods wholesalers and distributors.
Our Sweet Chilli Sauce is also a great item for babies and elders.It is good for any dishes,to make your foods delicious and healthy and increase your appetite.


Carefully selected raw material using NON-GMO fresh chilli

Use in marinating.cooking and dipping all meats.vegetables,seafood,rice,noodles and in preparing sauce and gravy bases.

Customer's private brand are acceptable.

OEM Service


We are an OEM/ODM customized manufacturer that can provide you with one-stop services.


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