Sweet Chili Sauce Thai Style Tofu


About JOLION sweet chili sauce

Choosing the best original ecological pepper from Hunan and after 81 days of drying and natural brewing, then get alcoholic Jolion sweet chili sauceIt's a rich blend of red chili pepper and garlic, offering a sweet and spicy flavour. With the wonderful taste, making the most delicious food for you.

JOLION FOODS Sweet Chili Recipe: Sweet Chili Sauce Thai Style Tofu


Cut the tofu into small pieces

millet pepper mince

squeeze a little lemon juice

cut two or three pieces of lemon peel

shallots, garlic chopped

Step 1:

pour a little oil into the pot, small fire

put into the garlic and pepper

put into 1.5g sweet chili sauce

put into 1ml lemon juice

3g light soy sauce and 5g white sugar

add water, boil and simmer until thick

Step 2:

add starch flour equal proportion

add a little water to make it thick

wrap the tofu into the paste

Step 3:

hot oil in the pot

put tofu into the pot

the surface of the tofu is gold yellow

Step 4:

topped with sweet chili sauce

spark a little onion

the delicious Thai chili recipe is finished

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