Chicken Recipe With Sesame Oil And Soy Sauce


Learn to make Sesame Oil Soy Sauce Chicken; check this Jolion recipe video.

About JOLION FOODS sesame oil

We always insist on using non-GMO sesame seeds for our sesame oilIt's rich in nutrition, including 17 kinds of amino acid, multi-peptide, various vitamins, microelements and antioxidant substances. The bright golden color with shiny surface tastes more substantial, delicious, and sesame aroma, making the fish ore fragrant.

Chicken recipe with sesame oil and soy sauce:

Step 1: Put them into the pot:

1 chicken

1 teaspoon of peppercorns

5 leaves of laurel leaves

1L water

Step 2: Stewed until the chicken is cooked, and picked it up.

Step 3: Stir well the chicken with 2 tablespoons of starch.

Step 4: Wash the pot and put sauces below into it:

6 tablespoons soy sauce

1/2C onion juice

4 tablespoons sake

1 tablespoon plum concentrate

3 tablespoons syrup

1.5 tablespoons garlic

1/2 tablespoons chili sauce

1 tablespoon sesame oil

1/2 tablespoons pepper

Step 5: Stir well and add chicken into the pot.

Step 6: Stir fry until the juice is absorbed.

Step 7: The delicious soy sauce chicken is finished, also can be used to make soy sauce sesame oil marinade for chicken with the same way.

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