How to Make Sushi at Home


There is no doubt sushi is one of the foods that people love or want to try. The traditional Japanese dish has become popular in most restaurants around the world. If you have tried the dish, you know why it's popular. Sushi has a unique taste that we don't experience in other dishes. You may want to prepare the dish at home but don't know how to get started. This article will cover useful ingredients, sushi preparation, and the best place to get quality sushi soy sauce.

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Useful tools for making sushi from home

Knife: a knife allows you to get beautiful sushi. Choose one that is honed on one side for an exact cutting.

The sharpening stone:  get a high-quality sharpening stone to ensure your knife sharpness.

A suihanki.

Good sushi involves perfectly cooked rice. Many Japanese restaurants use a rice cooker called suihanki. It will help you achieve the best results. Lastly, various buying types will meet your budget and requirements.

A Hangiri.

After cooking the rice, you leave it to rest, add vinegar, salt, and sugar. Hangiri is a vessel that helps to mix the ingredients. 

A Shamoji.

After the rice is ready, you mix with a paddle to get rid of excess moisture. A shamoji is an ideal paddle for this work.

The Makisu is a bamboo mat to help you roll a maki and California rolls.

Ingredient preparation and make sushi

Ingredients include raw fish, rice, seaweed

• Cook rice in the rice cooker

• Season the rice using vinegar, sugar, and salt. 

• Get a seaweed for sushi making

• Spread prepared rice on the seaweed

• Use a rice paddle to flatten without smashing the rice 

• Cut your fish straight down to have a small strip 

• Place the fish on the rice and add your desired ingredients like avocado, cream cheese 

• Roll it using a bamboo mat. Alternatively, you can use plastic wrap or parchment paper 

• Use a knife to cut the sushi rolls to pieces


Make sushi dipping sauce

Sushi is not complete without a sushi dipping sauce. It makes the dish taste delicious. You can make the source using these ingredients: 

• Ready lime

• Ready Sushi vinegar

• Cucumber

Ready vinegar

• Add half lime

• Add the same amount of sushi vinegar and soy sauce

• Add chopped ginger and cucumber 

• Also, you can add garlic or chili to the sauce

Alternatively, you can get a bottle of ready-made sushi soy sauce from a reputable brand.

Wholesaler who offers quality sushi soy sauce 

Jolion foods has been the best manufacturer of sauces, including sushi soy sauce, sushi vinegar, for over 40 years. The sauce is made from quality ingredients to ensure delicious sushi. Moreover, the product is naturally fermented to maintain a quality taste. Furthermore, the products meet international certifications such as KOSHER, FDA, HALAL, SGS, ISO, and BRC. Jolion has fully automated equipment to produce tones of products.



Eating raw fish is no longer frowned upon, seeing that everyone wants to try. Sushi offers a unique taste experience, unlike other dishes. It is combined with the sauce, rice, and other ingredients to make it delicious. You can combine it with a glass of wine, cocktail, or beverage. If you are a sushi lover who wants to make the dish from home, you need ingredients. Jolionfoods offers the best sushi soy sauce to prepare your favorite dish.

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