How to Make Chinese Egg Custard


People have enjoyed custard for centuries. Egg custard is an easy desert when craving something sweet and nutritious. The sweet, creamy desert is a simple recipe for a healthy breakfast. Additionally, egg custard is rich in protein and calcium and can be prepared using homemade ingredients. Let's look at the egg custard recipe and best seasoning sauce.

Ingredients of egg custard

The main ingredients of egg custard are:

· Three eggs  with one yolk lightly beaten 

· 215 ml whole milk or cream

· Vanilla

· Sugar, salt, and flavorings.

· Nutmeg  


Step 1

Pre heat the oven to 150C/130C

Beat the eggs in a bowl, and combine with sugar, vanilla, salt, and flavorings using a wooden spoon. Add cream and milk and pour the mixture into a medium-sized dish. Sprinkle with nutmeg.

Step 2

Fill a roasting tin with half water to create a bain-marie. Put the dish in the roasting tin and ensure the water comes three-quarters on the sides of the dish. Bake for about 45-50 mins until custards are set. Serve while warm or leave in the refrigerator to cool overnight.


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You can never go wrong with Chinese soy sauces for Chinese egg custard. Soy sauce helps to spread flavor evenly on your egg mustard. Some of the sauces to add flavor are light soy sauce and dark soy sauce. Light soy sauce: this thinner, golden brown sauce adds savory flavor and strong umami. Dark soy sauce is thicker and dark-colored and adds color and flavor to meals.


Soy sauce can also be used to make soy sauce eggs. Here is the recipe:



Warm water, eggs, soy sauce


· Mix the eggs with water in a bowl

· Steam it on the stovetop for a short period of time

· Add a little soy sauce on the egg custard

You can also easily cook this Chinese egg custard recipe without any special equipment by following these two steps. Simple foods ingredients bring the delicate flavor and velvety texture, and this dish may give you the special oomph you're looking for.


Soy sauce is often used in small quantities and has fewer benefits. Soy, the main ingredient in soy sauce, has isoflavones. The compounds help in improving cholesterol and lowering menopause symptoms. It also has high antioxidants, which help avoid cell damage from free radicles. Moreover, soy sauce is high in sodium. Even though salt is essential in the body, too much increases blood pressure and causes a stroke. 

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Custard is mainly prepared by blending eggs with cream or milk. It becomes thick by coagulation of egg proteins. The process is achieved by heating the custard gently. Egg custard is a delicious treat that you can serve your entire family. The meal takes a few minutes to prepare and uses ingredients you are likely to have in the kitchen. In addition to that, they are versatile because you can bake them into tarts, pies, sandwich fillings, or quiche crusts. Egg custard is not complete without a delicious seasoning sauce. Get quality soy sauces from Jolion.

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