Why fermented soy sauce is healthier than blended soy sauce


By manufacturing method, soy sauce can be divided into fermented soy sauce and blended soy sauce. Most of the well-known soy sauce brands in the industry only produce fermented soy sauce, such as Jolion foods; because this is the most traditional way of making soy sauce, which also ensures the nutrition and flavor of soy sauce. Let's take a look at these two types of soy sauce.

Fermented soy sauce

Soy sauce was invented thousands of years ago in China, where people in ancient times used the most traditional fermentation method( double fermented soy sauce ) to fermenting soy sauce.

Old-style soy sauces are typically manufactured by the fermentation of soybeans with roasted wheat. The fermentation is started by the addition of one or more fungus species from the Aspergillus genus. The fermentation time is usually as long as 6 months.

Soy sauce was later introduced to Japan, where the taste was fine-tuned from Chinese soy sauce, thus giving rise to Japanese soy sauce.

A key difference is that Chinese soya sauce is prepared completely from soybeans. This explains typically a tendency for Chinese sauces to have a saltier taste and thicker, whereas the Japanese soya would usually be a little sweeter, taste rounder, The fermented soy sauce is fascinating.

The fermented soy sauce is fascinating. After all, they are been utilized by the high nitrogen in soybeans to enormously yield a variety of starch-digesting enzymes and significantly, as well as proteases (or proteolytic enzymes).

The biological catalysts named "Proteases" that help break the lengthy chains of soybean protein molecules into The biological catalysts named "Proteases" that help break the lengthy chains of soybean protein molecules into the amino acids or into smaller fragments (peptides) that are the proteins basic building blocks.

fermented light soy sauce

Blended soy sauce

Is soy sauce fermented? Well, it's not true for the belended soy sauce. Blended soy sauces are prepared sauces with different elements. Normally they're more sticky, sweeter, darker, and a little salty. During cooking, the tastes deepen and turn more complex. Few of the sauces are given an additional mushroom flavor while others are more thickened with Few the sauces are given additional mushroom flavor while others are more thickened with starch.

The difference between fermented soy sauce and blended soy sauce

1、Amino acid nitrogen indicators are different

The higher the content of amino acid nitrogen, the higher the quality of soy sauce, the fresher the flavor will be, fermented soy sauce brewing process, under the action of different enzymes of various microorganisms, a variety of organic materials in the raw materials undergo complex biochemical reactions, the formation of a variety of soy sauce components, high amino acid nitrogen content; and blended soy sauce amino acid nitrogen content is lower.

2、Different degrees of nutrition

Fermented soy sauce is made of soybeans and defatted soybeans, soybean meal or soybean cake, wheat and bran as raw materials, made by microbial fermentation with special color, aroma, and taste of liquid condiments; according to the different fermentation processes are divided into two categories, namely high-salt dilute fermented soy sauce and low-salt solid fermented soy sauce, to conclude, fermented soy sauce is more nutritious.

3、Different raw material aroma

Fermented soy sauce is soybean and defatted soybeans, soybean meal or soybean cake, wheat and wheat flour as raw materials, after steaming, varroa bacterium curvature and mixed with brine into dilute mash, and then made by microbial fermentation of soy sauce.

Low-salt solid fermented soy sauce is made from soybeans and wheat bran, which is mixed with brine to form a solid mash after steaming and varroa production, and then fermented by microorganisms, while blended soy sauce is made by blending soy sauce with other ingredients, and fermented soy sauce has a strong soy sauce aroma, while blended soy sauce has soy sauce but no ester aroma.

Conclusion: Fermented soya sauce is healthier and flavorful

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