Tips of Healthy Coke Balsamic Vinegar


If you or someone you know is on TikTok even a little then you surely know about this viral healthy homemade “Coke.” Made with just two ingredients—soda water and balsamic vinegar. This article will teach you the knowledge of balsamic vinegar and other types of vinegar.

What is balsamic vinegar made of? 

The so-called balsamic vinegar is a kind of vinegar made from glutinous rice. The vinegar flavor of balsamic vinegar is not very sour, and it has a sweet taste when tasted carefully.

What does balsamic vinegar taste like ?

Balsamic vinegar is black in color, rich in flavor, slightly sweet, and slightly softer than old vinegar. However, the disadvantage of balsamic vinegar is that it cannot be heated at high temperature, because after high temperature, the fragrance of vinegar is volatile, so it is not suitable for stew. Generally, balsamic vinegar is used to make cold dishes, or when eating dumplings, it is used as dipping sauce.

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The advantages of balsamic vinegar 

  1. Vinegar can appetizer, promote the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, help digestion and absorption, make appetite strong, digestion and digestion.

2. Vinegar has good bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects, and can effectively prevent intestinal diseases, influenza and respiratory diseases.

3. Vinegar can soften blood vessels, reduce cholesterol, is a good prescription for cardiovascular patients such as hypertension.

4. Vinegar can play a good protective role on skin and hair. It is recorded in ancient Chinese medicine that vinegar is used as medicine, which is believed to have the effects of hair growth, beauty, blood pressure reduction and weight loss. 

5. Vinegar can eliminate fatigue, promote sleep, and reduce the discomfort symptoms of motion sickness and seasickness.

6. Vinegar can also reduce the gastrointestinal tract and blood alcohol concentration, play the role of sober.

7. Vinegar can also soften chicken bones and shark fins and promote calcium absorption.

8.The efficacy and function of balsamic vinegar :Scatter stasis, stop bleeding, detoxify and kill insects.

Distinguish the use of different vinegars

Rice vinegar:  pickled radish, vinegar eggs; Seasoning sour dishes such as pork, etc.; It can also wash face and soak feet. 

Mature vinegar:  used for cold mixing, such as cold noodles; Can also be used to dip dumplings.

Balsamic vinegar: suitable for cooking, such as hot and sour cabbage.


White vinegar: pickled radish.

Fruit vinegar:  pickled yam, lotus root slices and other vegetables; Can also be mixed with water to drink directly, cool thirst.

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