The origin of organic oyster sauce


Oysters are a kind of marine mollusk, with delicious meat and rich nutrition. In 1888, in the South Water Village of Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, Li Jinshang, the inventor of oyster sauce, cooked oysters on a fire as usual. When he was busy with other things, he forgot to take care of him. I'm afraid it's boiled! When he lifted the lid of the pot, he saw in front of him a thick layer of thick juice with a tan color and a fragrant fragrance, which attracted appetite. Unintentionally, a new condiment-oyster sauce was invented in this way!

Many people think that organic oyster sauce is a kind of fat. In fact, oyster sauce is not a fat like soy sauce, but a seasoning. The soup made from boiled oyster sauce is oyster sauce after filtering and concentration. It is a rich and delicious seasoning. A high-quality oyster sauce should have the umami flavor of oysters, and a vegetarian oyster sauce made from mushrooms.

Oyster sauce is widely used, suitable for cooking a variety of food ingredients, such as meat, vegetables, soy products, fungi, etc., can also be mixed with a variety of pasta, shabu seafood, edible food, etc. Oyster sauce is also suitable for a variety of cooking methods. It can be used directly as a dipping point for seasonings. It can also be used for heating, braising, grilling, roasting, frying, and so on. It can also be used for cold filling and snack meat fillings.

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Tips for using oyster sauce

Mixed seasoning
Not only can oyster sauce be seasoned alone, but it can also be used in conjunction with other seasonings. Seasoning with oyster sauce should never be shared with spicy seasonings, vinegar and sugar, as these seasonings will mask the umami flavor and detract from the special flavor of oyster sauce.

Should not be cooked too long
Oyster sauce will lose its umami if it is cooked in a pot for a long time. Generally, it is advisable to add oyster sauce immediately before or immediately after cooking.

Mix the broth and thicken
When using oyster sauce to make the gravy, it is not possible to directly add the oyster sauce. Instead, it should be mixed with the broth and diluted to make the oyster sauce. The oyster sauce is the best when the dish is eight when it is mature. It is easier to develop color and the oyster flavor is fragrant.

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Marinated ingredients
Garlic oyster sauce is also a good seasoning for marinated ingredients, allowing the unique umami flavor of oyster sauce to penetrate the interior of the raw materials, increasing the taste and texture of the dishes. When cooking meat offal, marinating in oyster sauce can remove the offal smell of the offal and make the sauce rich and fresh. Use proper oyster sauce to marinate the meat, which can remove the meaty smell, supplement the lack of the original taste of the meat, and add the strong flavor of the dishes to make the taste more delicious.

Avoid high temperature cooking
Generally used as seasoning materials, it has special freshness, but avoid cooking at high temperature, otherwise it will lose the unique fresh taste, and the nutrition will be scattered.

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