The classification of dark soy sauce and the purpose of various dark soy sauce?


Dark soy sauce is commonly known as soy sauce. The main ingredients are brewed from soybeans, tapioca starch, wheat, and salt through the process of oil production and fermentation with salt. The effective ingredients of dark soy sauce are more complex. In addition to the salt, there are also a variety of amino acid carbohydrates, sugars, organic acids, melanin and spices. It is mainly salty, but also has umami and fragrance. Dark soy sauce generally has two types: dark soy sauce and light soy sauce: dark soy sauce is saltier and is used to improve color; dark soy sauce is used to improve freshness.

Light soy sauce and dark soy sauce are both brewed and fermented into dark soy sauce. Dark soy sauce is lighter in color and reddish brown. It is generally used for cooking, so it tastes salty. Dark soy sauce is used as a condiment. Because of its light color, it is often used for stir-frying or cold dishes. The dark soy sauce braised in dark soy sauce is based on the dark soy sauce. The squeezed dark soy sauce is dried for 2 to 3 months, and then filtered through precipitation to form dark soy sauce.

dark soy sauce

The product quality is more rich than dark soy sauce. The dark soy sauce is caramel-colored, dark in color, brown and shiny, and it has a delicious and slightly sweet feeling after eating it out. Soy sauce is generally used to color foods, for example, it is relatively good for dishes that need to be colored such as braised. White dark soy sauce is colorless braised dark soy sauce, which is a commonly used condiment in western food. White dark soy sauce is made from soybeans and flour, which are fermented and matured.

Dark soy sauce is a kind of high-grade condiment. It not only contains the color, fragrance and taste of general braised dark soy sauce, but also has the advantages of promoting appetite and helping digestion. It is mostly used in western food. However, when choosing dark soy sauce, look at whether there is a QS mark on the package of braised dark soy sauce. This is the entry condition mark for braised dark soy sauce to enter the market; also look at whether braised dark soy sauce is brewed If the dark soy sauce does not indicate whether it is brewed or prepared, then the dark soy sauce is an unqualified product. Finally, you need to see whether it is written on the top surface of the label for serving or for cooking, because the two have different hygiene index food hygiene standards. The dark soy sauce for serving meals can be directly consumed immediately, and the hygiene index food hygiene standard is lower. Okay, but the cooking can’t be eaten right away.