Tips of KONJAC SHUANG You Cannot Miss


Last week, at New York Time Square, an ad of Chinese snack named Konjac Shuang showed on the outdoor advertising screen. This is a good chance to know what is it and why is it extremely popular in China.


So, what is Konjac Shuang?

As its name, this snack is made by knojac, a root vegetable that grows in parts of Asia, very healthy, free of gluten and vegan, also keto approved. The fact that they have close to no carbs truly makes them stand out!

You may hear about konjac noodles, or called shirataki noodles,themselves are tasteless, but they will change into ton of tastes for they are easy to absorb the flavors what other foods you cook together.

For more information about konjac noodles, please read Konjac Noodles and Keto: A Comprehensive Guide

When marinated in spices, it is a treat for any spice lover, for its extremely savory and packed with flavor. The most famous konjac brand Wei Long, manufactures these hot spicy chili konjac snack - Konjac Shuang.


Is konjac healthy?

Here are facts of its nutrition and benefits you should know:

The traditional Shirataki are made out of fiber and water from the konjac yam. It has a soluble fiber named glucomannan which can help improve your digestion naturally. This fiber is also coming in the form of a supplement, and studies show it can help maintain the right gut bacteria levels, while also stopping hunger hormones. This fiber is also great if you want to stay at a certain weight and also improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

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