Is dark sesame oil sesame oil


Are dark sesame oil and sesame oil the same thing as sesame oil?

In most areas, dark sesame oil is sesame oil, but the name is different in each place, and some places call it sesame oil, which is made from black sesame or white sesame.

Dark sesame oil is a flavor enhancer in daily cooking. Because of its fragrant taste, strong mellow aroma, rich in essential unsaturated fatty acids and amino acids, it ranks first among vegetable oils. It is rich in minerals and vitamins, and its cholesterol content is very low. It is deeply loved by consumers. The pure Dark Sesame Oil is like amber, orange and yellowish red, crystal clear, mellow, full of fragrance, and lasting for a long time. Dark Sesame Oil can be suitable for a variety of cooking and seasoning, preparing cold vegetables to remove the fishy smell; preparing soup to increase freshness and fragrance; cooking, frying, taste mellow, pure color, Dark Sesame Oil is cold and non-toxic.

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