Introduction to the advanced Real Oyster Sauce


1. It is suitable for hot and cold eating. 

Oyster sauce has a wide range of uses and is suitable for cooking a variety of ingredients, such as meat, vegetables, soy products, fungi, etc. It can also be mixed with various pasta, seafood, and edible. Because oyster sauce is an umami seasoning, it can be used in a wide range. All dishes with salty and umami taste can be seasoned with oyster sauce. Oyster sauce is also suitable for a variety of cooking methods. It can be used directly as a condiment dipping point, and can also be used for heating, braising, grilling, roasting, frying, braising, etc. It can also be used for cold dressing and dim sum meat fillings. However, there are some tips for using oyster sauce.

2. Be careful about mixing with condiments. 

Oyster sauce can not only be seasoned alone, but also can be used in conjunction with other condiments. Season with oyster sauce to avoid sharing with spicy seasonings, vinegar and sugar. Because these spices will conceal the umami taste of oyster sauce and detract from the special flavor of oyster sauce.

3. The umami taste will be lost if cooked for a long time. 

If the oyster sauce is boiled in the pot for a long time, it will lose its umami and make the oyster aroma escape. Generally, it is advisable to add oyster sauce to the dishes immediately before or after they are hot. If they are not heated for seasoning, the taste will be inferior. Especially when simmering dishes, it is advisable to use medium and slow heat.

4. Mix well with broth and thicken. 

When using oyster sauce to make gorgon juice, it should be noted that the gorgon cannot be served directly, but it should be mixed and diluted with the broth to make the gorgon juice. Oyster sauce and gorgon sauce are best when the dishes are eighty mature. It is easier to develop color and has a strong oyster flavor. Avoid using it in the pot.

5. Good seasoning for marinating ingredients. 

Oyster sauce is also a good seasoning for pickled ingredients, allowing the unique umami flavor of oyster sauce to penetrate the inside of the raw materials, increasing the taste and texture of dishes. When cooking meat offal, marinating with oyster sauce can remove the fishy smell of the offal, making the sauce fragrant and fresh. Using appropriate oyster sauce to marinate meat can remove the fishy smell of the meat, supplement the lack of original meat flavor, and add the strong aroma of the dishes to make the taste more delicious. Generally used as seasoning, it has a special freshness, but avoid cooking at high temperature for too long, otherwise it will lose its unique flavor and nutrition.

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