How to avoid spoilage of sesame cooking oil


In daily life, sesame cooking oil is a food that people must eat every day, but many people do not know the correct preservation method of edible oil, which leads to secondary deterioration of edible oil. If improperly preserved edible oil is consumed for a long time, it will It affects the health of the body, so it is very important to know how to avoid the deterioration of edible oil. The following briefly describes how to avoid spoilage of sesame cooking oil.

1. Avoid high temperature and pay attention to proper storage temperature

In our daily life, we often put cooking oil not far from the kitchen gas stove for the convenience of cooking. Therefore, in a high temperature environment, it will enhance the activity of lipase, thereby accelerating the chemical reaction of the oil and rancidity. speed. The edible oil should not only be stored in a high temperature place, but also should be refrigerated to avoid destroying the original structure of the oil. So as long as the cooking oil is stored at room temperature, it is enough.

2. Avoid sunlight

If the edible oil is packaged with transparent glass or acrylic plastic, the color of the fat can be seen at a glance, but this packaging method can easily expose the fat to the sun directly, causing an oxidation reaction, resulting in bad substances, and Vitamin E, the natural antioxidant in oils, will also be destroyed, reducing the value of oils. Therefore, it is recommended to store edible oil in a cool place to avoid sunlight, and use dark-colored bottles instead of transparent plastic cans.

sesame oil jolion food

3. Avoid contact with air

When grease is often exposed to air, the rate of oxidation will accelerate and deteriorate. It is recommended that when buying edible oil in ordinary times, use dark small bottles to fill the fat, and then tighten the cap immediately after each use to avoid contact with too much air and deterioration. It should also be noted that the shelf life of general edible oil is about 2 years, and the bottle can be used up within 3 to 6 months after opening, so as to ensure its freshness and safety.

4. Avoid contact with moisture

Hydrolysis is one of the reasons for the oxidation of oil. Because too high water content will accelerate the activity of oxidase, the faster the hydrolysis speed will be, and the water will facilitate the reproduction of microorganisms, which will lead to rapid rancidity and deterioration of oils. Therefore, when opening the mouth of the oil bottle, avoid dropping the level into the bottle.

5. Pay attention to the material of the container

Edible oil is basically stored in plastic or metal containers. The plastic component of the plastic bottle interacts with the grease, which will produce harmful substances; and the metal container is the pro-oxidant of the grease, which will accelerate the oxidation and deterioration of the grease, thereby generating a large number of free radicals. Since edible oil contains unsaturated fatty acids, it is best to use opaque glass containers.

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