How can I buy high-quality sesame cooking oil?


sesame cooking oil is also indispensable for our daily life. It is not only a common seasoning, but also a good thing that can reasonably reduce the cholesterol in everyone's body. There are many types of sesame oils on the market, and there are also various advertisements. , Looking dizzy, then how to buy high-quality sesame cooking oil!

The following is the way to identify high-quality sesame oil:

1, look at the color

Fill the sesame cooking oil with a red extract of cooking oil, and pour it into the original tank from high altitude. The pure sesame cooking oil drops are orange-yellow and quickly fade. If the oil droplets are light yellow, it indicates that there is cooking oil;

2, look at the oil droplets

Add a drop of sesame cooking oil to a bowl filled with cold water. The pure sesame cooking oil will initially become thin oil beads, quickly spread out, and turn into multiple small oil beads. The fake and inferior sesame cooking oil are small and thick, which is not easy External diffusion.

3, discharge refrigerator

Put the sesame cooking oil in the refrigerator and refrigerate and observe at minus 10°C. The pure sesame cooking oil is liquid at this temperature, while the counterfeit sesame cooking oil has just begun to solidify.

4. Put in the pot

Put sesame cooking oil in the pot and heat it, if it is stained with animal oil, it will become white; if it is mixed with rice bran oil, it will become white; if it is mixed with cooking oil, it will become white; if it is mixed with winter melon soup and millet soup, it will become muddy. After 30 minutes There is calmness.
         Warm reminder: The above has already introduced some common ways to identify high-quality sesame oils in detail. Everyone can use them appropriately for the physical and mental health of themselves and their loved ones. You must buy quality sesame oils without having to spend money on yourself. Lose physical and mental health again. Especially the elderly, must pay attention to watching to prevent poor stores from defrauding ordinary people's money.

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