Efficacy of sesame oil


When it comes to things in the kitchen, sesame oil must be an old aristocrat. It's usually a small bottle, put it in a clean cabinet, and hang it up when cooking.

However, we may not think that this kind of pure vegetable oil fried and pressed by sesame has a very good health effect: it can be taken orally and used externally; It can be used both raw and cooked; It can be used alone or in combination; It's not only a natural condiment for many delicacies, but also a "longevity food" for health care, even with eggs!

Sesame oil is a kind of healthy oil, which is mainly composed of oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid and glyceride. It contains not only protein and amino acids, but also sesamin, lipogenol, lecithin, sucrose, pentose, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other substances, as well as vitamins A, D, e, etc.

✦ in the meantime, vitamin E has a good effect on improving blood circulation, promoting metabolism, softening blood vessels and maintaining blood vessel elasticity;

✦ linoleic acid is unsaturated fatty acid, which has the function of regulating cholesterol, has good effect of moistening intestines and defecating, and has certain preventive effect and curative effect on constipation;

✦ lecithin is a natural antidote. It can decompose too much toxin in the body and excrete it through the treatment of liver and kidney. It also has outstanding hydrophilicity and lipophilicity. It can provide plenty of water and oxygen for the skin and make the skin smooth.

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