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jolion food soy sauce

Jolion Foods is the best brand for creating Food products for International Clients with their requirements.(best sauces to buy)

About Jolion Foods' Sauce

Jolion Foods is serving the people since 1980s, and it has been almost 40 years that made our thousands of regular clients from all over the world.At Jolion Foods, we provide best Sauces, including Tomato Sugar-Free Sauce, Soya Sauce, Etc. These sauces are manufactured under various standards for our customers. Our soy sauce gets International Certificates such as BRC, KOSHER, FDA, HALAL, SGS, and ISO.

Available Sauces

There are a variety of Sauces available at Jolion Foods, and it covers a different kind of foods and aspects.Let's take a brief look at the famous products in Sauce at Jolion Foods,

Tomato Sauce (Sugar-Free)


Tomato sauce can be eaten directly. It is a great dipping sauce for French fries and bread. Tomato sauce can also be used for seasoning of western dishes, soup or stir-fry.

It is the best product available in bilk for household, restaurant, Asian Groceries, Asian Stores, Mainstream catering, Food Processing Industry, Hypermarkets...or any other foods wholesalers and distributors.

For complete details about Tomato Sauce, please refer to this page for Jolion Tomato Sauce (Sugar Free).

Best Chili Sauce


Happy Mum brand Chili Sauces are also available at Jolion Foods. All sauces are created by taking quality into consideration. 
There are a lot of verities available in Chili Sauce which can be found here below,

• Guilin Chili Sauce
• Fresh Sweet Chili Sauce
• Private Label Sweet Chili Sauce
• Kosher Sweet Chili Sauce
• Happy MUM Brand Chili Sauce
• Sweet Chili Sauce for Dipping
• Chicken Sweet Chili Sauce
• Sriracha Super-Hot Chili Sauce
• Large Original Chili Sauce

All these Chili Sauces are the best choice of one dipping sauce to enhance the sweet and chili taste for a done dish, good for seafood or chicken, beef or vegetable. These are also best suitable for Spring Roll.

Why these Chili Sauces

These following might be the reasons for you to consider these best Chili Sauces available

• Best-selling seasonings among our products.
• Natural color and good taste.
• Selected Fresh and Non-GMO Chili as raw material.
• Best Price, Attractive quality, professional sales service.
• We are private label specialist, we excel in providing superb quality for OEM business.
• Spicy level can be adjusted as required.

Oyster Soy Sauce


Happy Mum brand Oyster Sauce ideally fits for meat, fish and vegetable dish. Together with soy sauce is perfect for meat pickling. It is also used as seasoning for noodles & pasta.

Following are the Oyster Soy Sauces available at Jolion Foods :
• Low Sodium Oyster Sauce
• Oyster Flavored Sauce
• Vegan Oyster Sauce
• Real Oyster Sauce
• Oyster Dipping Sauce
• Dynasty Oyster Sauce
• Premium Oyster Sauce Halal

Why these Oyster Soy Sauces?

• All sauces are selected with natural ingredients without any pollution. Fit for human consumption.
• All production process are strictly controlled under the documental formula, with most advanced fully automatically machines and 28 years working experiences Tech manager.
• It is rich in special and strong oyster favor.
• We accept to produce Private Brands, and welcome to create samples as per customers' requirements.

Mushroom Soy Sauces


Happy Mum Brand Chinese Mushroom soy sauce traditional fermented soy bean sauce is used for seasoning soups, meat and fish dishes, salads, pasta and rice. It makes them delicious with a fresh color and perfect aroma.
Mashroom Soy Sauces available

• Mushroom Flavored Soy Sauce
• Mushroom Soy Sauce Brand Jolion
• Miso Soy Sauce Jolion
• Vegetarian Mushroom Oyster Sauce
• Mushroom Seafood Soy Sauce
• Mushroom Oyster Sauce Jolion
• Healthy Soy Sauce R
• Traditional Soy Sauce
• Aged Soy Sauce
• Mushroom Kosher Soy Sauce
• Mushroom Soy Sauce for Cooking
• Mushroom Amino Acid Soy Sauce

Why these Mushroom Soy Sauces?

Here are the reasons to consider while buying Mushroom Soy Sauces:
• All soybean are selected with the first class quality without GMO treatment.
• All products are natural fermented under the sunshine for 6monthes. 
• Free of melamine. Free of 3-MCPD, 1, 3-DCP, conform to EU/US standard.
• Naturally fermented by selected high-quality soybean

Dark & Light Soy Sauces

Happy Mum Brand Chinese dark soy sauce traditional fermented soy bean sauce is used for seasoning soups, meat and fish dishes, salads, pasta and rice. It makes them delicious with a fresh color and perfect aroma. Happy Mum Brand's High quality light soy sauce is used for seasoning soups, meat and fish dishes, salads, and pasta and rice recipes. It makes them delicious with a fresh color and perfect aroma.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I make my custom offer?
A: Yes, you can. If you are interested in partnership with us and want to raise awareness about your brand by selling our products, you are highly welcomed.

Q: Are any samples there?
A: Yes, these are Free Samples available. You can visit your Factory also. But, please make sure to book an appointment first for your visit.

Q: Can I buy from out of China?
A: Of course, you can buy these products from all over the world. There are thousands plus happy customers from Jolion Foods already. Mostly, people from Asia, Europe, and Latin America are interested in our products.

Q: Can I get a custom quote online?
A: You can. Just go here (Get a Quote) and write to us about your requirements. Our highly cooperative team will reach you as soon as possible. All these online quotes are for Free.

Q: What is the best Brand for Soy Sauce?
A: Happy Mum with cooperation of Jolion Foods has been a best brand in creating Soy Sauces from 40 years. It was started in 1980 and from that time to till now, it has been proved a best brand.

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