Asian Seasoning Sauce is Gradually Gaining Popularity in The World


With the rapid development of the economic power of Asian countries, the food culture of Asian countries has begun to move towards the world, and some Asian seasoning sauce has begun to appear on the tables around the world.

Asian sauces are mostly formed from the fermentation of soybeans, sesame seeds, vegetables and fruits. The more famous ones are soy sauce and sesame oil. The raw material of soy sauce is soybean, which is what we often say soy. Soybeans have a history of more than 3,000 years in China, and the Chinese have managed to make soybeans into soy products such as tofu, soy milk, dried beans, miso, soy sauce and so on. Adding a certain amount of soy sauce during cooking can increase the flavor of the food and make its color more beautiful, thereby increasing appetite and promoting the release of soy sauce, so that the effective amino acids and nutrients in the soy sauce can be retained . Soy sauce has the effect of antipyretic and annoying, seasoning appetizer.

Soy sauce contains isoflavol, a special substance that can lower cholesterol and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease. So soy sauce is also a very healthy condiment. Compared with soy sauce, sesame oil is more popular in the world.

Sesame oil is rich in flavor and very healthy. People can use sesame oil instead of olive oil to make salads, etc. The taste is more fragrant and it can promote appetite.

Because of its health and good taste, Asian seasoning sauce sauce quickly entered the markets outside the Asian region and became an indispensable seasoning in the world kitchen, bringing more deliciousness to people.

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