Why Happy Mum Brand Oyster Sauce are popular in Anuga Food Fair Cologne 2019



"Anuga Food Fair Cologne" is the world's largest trade fair for food and beverage. Anuga Cologne provides a huge platform for the development of the entire food and beverage industry. This is the most important industry meeting point, as the 2019 figures once again make an impressive showing: with 7,590 exhibitors and nearly 170,000 visitors. "Jolian" attended the Anuga Fair 2019 in Germany on 5-9 October and received possible orders. A wide range of Happy Mum Products have displayed at the fair many visitors came to "Jolian's booth" showed their interest in Happy Mum Products. Happy Brand Sauces were at the display, and they got a very good response especially their Oyster Sauce was very popular and attracted a good number of people.

Happy Mum brand Experience:

The company has a long history which dates back to the 1990s. The history of three decades shows that this company is very experienced and credible. This heap of experience gathered over such a long time enables this brand to produce high-quality sauces which are very good in taste, and this experience also helps them to inspect, and scrutinize the quality of sauce materials. They also produce a variety of products, for example, Soy Sauce, Noodles, Asian Sauce, Peanuts products and much more. This vast experience has helped them produce the best quality products which have earned them customer's trust. At the start, the target of the company was Asian countries, but now it's also expanding in European markets, and it's also developing in some African, and Latin American countries.  

Food Safety Assurance and Credibility:

"Happy mum brand" is a leading brand in the production of top quality oyster sauce. They assure the quality of their sauces and they are very credible. They don't compromise on their credibility which is the reason for their popularity in the customers. The brand provides a guarantee that their products meet all the criteria for being healthy and hygienic. As the name, "Happy Mum" suggests they are a very family-oriented company, and their targeted customers are families so this brand focuses on the quality of products very much so when a customer is buying a Happy Mum brand customers knows this is the best and perfectly healthy product for my family.

This brand uses professional methods and strictly controlled processes for the production of their products. They have the excellent Natural Fermentation Pools, filters, boilers, and they used the most advanced equipment which meets the modern world requirement to ensure the quality of the products. All of Happy Mum products have also passed various international certifications to meet the import demands of each country. Such as BRC, Kosher, FDA, Halal, SGS, ISO which further adds value to their credibility.


Taste and Quality:

Happy Mum brand produces high-quality Oyster Sauce which is also remarkable in taste. They use freshly extracted and perfectly suited oysters for the production of the Oyster Sauce. Traditionally, oyster sauce is made by slowly boiling oysters in water until the juice is mixed into a thick, brown, pungent aromatic sauce. Traditionally Oyster sauce was made manually but, today many advanced techniques and processes are used. Many manufacturers now produce Oyster Sauce using automated processes. Happy mum brands of "Jolian Food" they also use automated and strictly controlled processes under the documented formula. The oyster excerpt is amalgamate with weighing and blending processes steered by an automated electronic system before blending them uniformly in cornstarch, sugar, and automated product. Then this Compound product is baked in an automated manufacturing structure secured by a computerized system at high temperatures. The prepared sauce is then moved to the filling system via sealed pipelines.

Good Quality Oyster Sauce:

It is made from oyster extract; don't get confused with the name it doesn't taste like fish at all. Oyster sauce has a salty and slightly sweet taste. It is a blend of salt and sugar with boiled down oyster juices. Some versions include soy sauce thickened with cornstarch. Oyster flavored sauce has a dark brown color. Oyster Sauce goes well with the fist, vegetable dish, and meat. A good Oyster Sauce adds a good flavor to the food without adding too many calories. Another good thing about a good quality Oyster Sauce is that its fat quantity is almost none and Oyster Sauce is also cholesterol-free. Happy Mum brand provides the best quality Oyster Sauces which fulfill all the demands of health and hygiene.

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