China-turkey Trade live


Due to the epidemic situation, most of the foreign trade exhibitions were cancelled and postponed this year. 

In order to better stabilize the economic development, the Ministry of Culture and relevant foreign trade platforms promoted the online live broadcast of enterprises.

Zhongshan Jolion Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. seized the opportunity to try the first online live broadcast on the china-Turkey trade and foreign trade platform.

China-turkey Trade live

Focus on China-Turkey trade, online live broadcasting advantages of food industry:

Face to Face buyers in Asia and Europe”remain within doors”online find factory

The host introduces the origin and product information of Zhongshan Jolion Foodstuffs Co.,Ltd ,through videos to show our factory, workshop, quality inspection department and other videos, so that customers can have a more direct and in-depth understanding of our factory without going out.

jolion foods

B.Innovative form - Setting up online food industry forum,trade emerging fast delivery and online negotiation Customers can directly watch the live broadcast, and we can directly exchange information on the forum, which makes it easier for us to know customers' needs and provide them with more suitable and interesting products

jolion trade china

C.Live demonstration - select a number of excellent domestic suppliers for live demonstration

When we broadcast live, we could see that a lot of local distributors left interest in our natural fermented sauce’s products on the forum.Their demand is more popular local products, so it is easier for us to enter their market.

D.Market interpretation - invite famous industry experts to give explanations and Suggestions

The Platform also invited local experts to explain the needs of local distributors and purchasers for us. She also expressed her interest in our natural fermented sauce’s products, and expressed her recognition of our factory's strict quality and production line.

factory soy sauce

jolion soy sauce warehouse

jolion rd team

Joloion pursue for customers to bring traditionally brewed soy sauce, zero additives, under sunshine for 180 days natural brewing, to bring people a healthy sauce.This was the first successful live broadcast in China and Turkey . Instead of promoting the concept of our factory,Jolion became the first supplier to live broadcast, which played a representative role and laid the foundation for live broadcast on foreign trade platforms.All the efforts are inseparable from the efforts and sweat of the host and backstage staff.
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