why does the FDA allow bugs in peanut butter and other foods?


Peanut butter is a very popular treat, especially in the US. This is a paste made out of ground peanuts, which you spread on the bread. It has a multitude of ingredients like sugar, salt and peanut oil. It's possible to find chocolate peanut butter is used as a sandwich spread whereas low calorie and low fat  peanut butter is not added sugar and has less fat.


Does peanut butter has any bugs?

You might be shocked, however peanut butter does have bug fragments. This is approved by the FDA, which clearly states that peanut butter does have only bug parts. On average, you can find around 30 insect fragments for every 100 grams. 

Why are peanut butter contains bug fragments? 

According to the FDA, they say it's very hard to harvest and produce these natural foods without any type of defects. Upon harvesting peanuts, it's very challenging to ensure that all the bug fragments are filtered out. That means some of them can sometimes end up in the final product. These things appear naturally and they are a common occurrence.

In fact, you can find such natural defects in other popular products like ground cinnamon, chocolate, ginger, nuts, teas, popcorn, spices, dried fruit and many items.

Is it safe to eat?  And why?

The reason why there's any FDA approval for this is because human diet has included bugs for millennia, which means people have been used to consuming them. Small insect fragments generally do not pose any significant health hazards, especially if they don't exceed the permitted limits.

Foods always contains fewer bug fragments than  what is considered safe by the FDA for food manufacturers produce them under strict quality control system.

Again, as long as it's in a small amount, you will be fine. So don't worry and enjoy your food.



Feel free to enjoy all your favorite peanut butter products despite this new found knowledge – there is nothing to be concerned about where insect fragments are involved!

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