Which dishes are more delicious with oyster dipping sauce?


Oyster dipping sauce is one of our home-made seasonings. Oyster sauce is used for stir-frying to enhance the taste and color. Generally, vegetarian dishes are used more often, especially stir-fried lettuce and broccoli.

The application in cold dishes and dim sum staple foods mainly appears in the form of dressings and dips. For example, "noodles with oyster sauce", "three shreds with oyster sauce", "white-cut chicken", and "radish cake" are served with oyster sauce as a flavored dish.

Application in animal meat raw materials, such as "oyster sauce beef", beef top knife slices, after tenderization, sizing and oiling, adjusted with oyster sauce, stir-fried, into a smooth and delicious dish, fresh and mellow. Cook the meat to make soup, add a little oyster sauce, the soup is fresher, the taste is more mellow.

The application in vegetable raw materials can make up for some of the deficiencies of vegetable raw materials. Used in Chinese cabbage, Chinese moss, edible fungi and soybean products, it can display delicious flavor.

Oyster Sauce 510G

The practice of oyster dipping sauce noodles

Main ingredients: proper egg noodles, 3 tender kale
Ingredients: 3 fresh shrimps, 2 small red peppers
Seasoning: Haitian fresh spicy oyster sauce 1 tablespoon, a little onion oil


Bring the water to a boil, boil the fresh shrimp until cooked, remove the head and peel the shell for later use; then add kale to cooked; another boil the water, boil it and put it in the egg noodles to cook; remove it and put it in cold water Super cold river; after cooling, drain the water, put it in a plate, put a little onion oil and mix well; put the right amount of mixed noodles into a bowl, add kale, pour the sea spicy oyster sauce, garnish shrimp and small Red pepper is fine.

Peanut Braised Pig Hand

Ingredients: 900g pig hand, 200g bamboo shoot, 150g peanut kernel
Ingredients: 10 garlic cloves, 8 ginger slices, 6 dried onions, 30ml shochu
Seasoning: 15g oyster sauce, 5ml old soy sauce, 500ml water


Peanuts are immersed in water for 30 minutes, put pig hands in boiling water and simmer, take out the immersed cold water until cool, drain and set aside; hot oil saute and dry onion, add pig hands and fry until golden, then pour shochu; add garlic and peanuts, mix in seasoning Bring the ingredients to a boil, reduce the heat and cook for about 1 hour until the ingredients are soft; finally, add the bamboo shoots and continue to cook for 15-20 minutes until the juice is thick.

Fresh Shrimp Noodles

Ingredients: 200g coarse noodles, 50g pork, 50g shrimp, 50g broccoli, 25g winter bamboo shoots, 4 fungus pieces, 4 mushrooms, 1 egg, ginger 5g
Marinade: 5g oyster sauce, 5g chestnut powder, 5ml cooking wine, appropriate amount of pepper
Seasoning: 15g oyster sauce, 5ml sesame oil, 500ml soup, raw powder 82g

Cook the coarse noodles and keep them warm; slice the pork, remove the intestines from the shrimp, dry them and marinate with the above marinade for 15 minutes; heat the oil, fragrant ginger, add the marinated shrimp and pork, add bamboo shoots, broccoli, Stir-fry the fungus and mushrooms for a while; add the above-mentioned seasoning and cook until the juice is thick.

Wufu Lingmen Reunion
Ingredients: 80g shrimp, 50g fish, several scallops
Accessories: Celery, bean sprouts, color pepper segments, wormwood stalk 60g each
Seasoning: 30g oyster sauce, 20ml special fresh soy sauce, 30g seafood sauce, 1000ml clear chicken soup

Dispose of sea prawns, fish pieces and scallops; dispose of all kinds of vegetables and put them in the bottom of the hot pot; mix the above seasonings evenly, add the clear chicken soup and boil, pour into the hot pot, boil for two or three minutes after boiling can.

Cowboy Bone

Ingredients: denim bone 500g
Accessories: 200g potatoes, 30g crystal noodles
Seasoning: Braised sauce 80ml, oyster sauce 20g, sesame oil 5ml, water 1000ml

Wash and blanched the cowboy bones; boil the cowboy bones in teriyaki sauce, oyster sauce and water. When the bones are about to be deboned, add potato cubes and crystal vermicelli to burn until the taste is complete.

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