What Are the Different Types of Peanut Butter?


Peanut butter is a staple spread around the world. It is used in sandwiches, baking recipes, and more. It has many varieties that feature different flavors and textures. With various options available at grocery stores, there can be confusion on their distinctions. More than choosing a favorite flavor, understanding the differences between common varieties is important for well-informed shopping and cooking. This guide breaks down the types of peanut butter to bring clarity on choosing the perfect one for any dish.

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Natural vs. Conventional Peanut Butter

Peanut butter labeled “natural” is simply roasted peanuts plus a touch of salt. Retaining nutrients, the natural peanut butter type lets peanuts’ rich flavors shine through plainly. The labels list just these basics. Some notice a slightly oilier texture without added fats, yet quality remains. It is one of the popular types of peanut butter. Natural peanut butter lacks extra components, so its lifespan is usually shorter and must be refrigerated.

Conventional peanut butter undergoes more processing. It incorporates extra oil and hydrogenated varieties to smooth consistency and lengthen shelf life. Sugar or molasses also commonly enhances sweetness and creaminess over the peanut taste itself.  Usually, it has a longer lifespan. 

Creamy vs. Crunchy Peanut Butter

Creamy peanut butter blends to a silky-smooth creaminess, spreading easily for sandwiches needing an even coating. Its lack of nut chunks allows peanut flavor to shine through purely. Smooth peanut butter slightly edges out in terms of its protein content. Some find it plain, but most prefer it. Mixing well into baked goods requiring uniformity, smooth variety provides a subtle peanut experience suited for everyday use.

Crunchy peanut butter adds interest with peanut pieces throughout. It is one of the popular types of peanut butter. Its bites alternate smooth with bursts of crisp bits for higher appeal and mouthfeel. Packing extra peanut pieces per serve is also a major creamy vs crunchy peanut butter difference. It is worth noting that crunchy peanut butter contains less saturated fats (12%) than creamy peanut butter (17%). 

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Flavored Peanut Butter

For those seeking to pair their peanut butter with another flavor, many options exist. Brands craft different kinds of peanut butter infused with all sorts of ingredients to create new types of peanut butter taste profiles. Chocolate remains the top flavor. Chocolate pairs peanut and cocoa taste smoothly. Chocolate peanut butter is commonly used as a spread on toast or as an ingredient in desserts like cookies and brownies. It can also be a tasty addition to smoothies or a snack on its own. 

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JOLION Foods Supplies Wholesale Peanut Butter Varieties

Founded in China, JOLION Foods has grown over the years to become a global leader in sauce and Asian specialty products. We are known industry-wide for exceptional quality, innovation, and reliability in supplying retailers and food service operators internationally. We are devoted to developing products catering to evolving global palates. Nowhere is this clearer than in the expansive types of peanut butter that we offer. Ideal for the lively routine of today’s lifestyle, offerings like low-calorie and low-fat varieties cater to wellness needs superbly.

At JOLION Foods, our peanut butter products are ideal for everyone. We supply various types. These include sweet peanut butter, salty peanut butter, and more. These varieties are a top choice because of the following characteristics and advantages:

  • Only the finest roasted peanuts that provide a rich, nutrient-dense base along with a hint of salt to maximize flavor

  • Smooth consistency spreads easily for simple sandwiches or crunchy varieties with roasted bits that add texture and visual appeal

  • Innovative flavor innovations like our chocolate peanut butter, where smooth peanut and cocoa flavors meld for a luxurious yet wholesome indulgence

  • Subtly sweet or savory, our low-calorie and low-fat peanut butter varieties add nutritious protein to any meal, from sandwiches and toast to baked goods and more


Overall, the many types of peanut butter offer great options to suit varied needs and palates. At JOLION Foods, we prioritize crafting innovations whilst maintaining peanut butter’s integrity. You can count on us to continuously provide such products to empower the enjoyment of this globally-loved ingredient.

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