What to pay attention to when buying barreled peanut oil


Many consumers like to buy large-capacity barrels of peanut oil, thinking that it can save worry and is cheaper than the price of oil in small packages, but the editor reminds everyone to pay attention to an important problem: that is, peanut oil should not be stored for a long time, and it is easy to deteriorate. Because of grease Oxidation will occur automatically, and the oxidation of fats will produce many toxic oxidizing substances.If people eat oxidized fats for a long time, they will cause cell function failure and induce various diseases.

1. Try to buy products with brand awareness and high market share. When purchasing, pay attention to whether there is QS logo, peanut oil company name, peanut oil factory address, grade, production date, shelf life, etc. on the product label.

2. The purchase of barreled peanut oil firstly depends on whether there are oil traces on the barrel mouth. If there is, it means that the seal is not tight, which will cause the oil to be oxidized during storage. Secondly, it depends on whether there is precipitation at the bottom of the barrel and the oil with low processing accuracy. After being placed for a period of time, different degrees of precipitation will inevitably occur.

3. Look at the production date and shelf life. If the shelf life is more than one year, antioxidants are generally added. In addition, it is best not to buy oil that has a shelf life of one or two months. Because the oil that has been irradiated by the sun for a long time, the actual quality is It has dropped a lot during the warranty period.

4. For families with a small population and few fires, it is best to buy small-volume barrels of peanut oil.

5. When buying oil, choose the one with a relatively recent production date, and the closer it is, the more fresh it is.

6. Buy a small package of oil, convert it according to the amount of 25-30 grams per person per day, and use the amount that can be used in one and a half months. For example, if two elderly people are at home, try to buy a package of less than 1.8 liters, if you often eat at home For a family of three, you can buy 2.5 liters of peanut oil.

7.If you bought a large barrel of oil for convenience or cost-effectiveness, you can pour a part of it into the oil control pot, and then seal the large barrel with tape and place it in a cool, dry and dark place, so it is best to use it within 3 months.

8. If you choose to divide into small bottles and then eat, divide into clean vials, pay attention to the bottles should be dry, can not carry water, brown glass bottles are preferred.

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