An Essential Guide: What Is Chicken Bouillon Powder and How To Use


What is chicken powder?

Chicken powder, or called Chicken Bouillon Powder or chicken flavour powder, is a pale yellow powdery seasoning that is salty and has a concentrated chicken broth flavor.

The chicken powder is a combination of monosodium glutamate, edible salt, chicken/chicken bone powder extract, taste nucleotide disodium, and other ingredients. Depending on the desired flavor, additional seasonings, and food flavors may be added before the mixture is dried and processed. The end product has a unique umami taste and aroma of chicken and is twice as fresh as regular monosodium glutamate.

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You may ask is Chicken Powder Good For Health? The answer is Of Course. Chicken Powder is a superior and trusted seasoning that elevates the natural flavour and aroma in any dish. It's also has a lot of nutrients, because its chicken content is very high. 

Chicken Powder Benefits

  1. The chicken powder is pretty delicious. When used in moderation when cooking dishes, it can stimulate the appetite.

  2. The umami taste of chicken powder mainly comes from sodium glutamate. After entering the gastrointestinal tract, sodium glutamate can quickly decompose glutamic acid, an amino acid, which participates in the metabolic activities in the human body, improves brain function and stabilizes people's emotions, and is beneficial to intellectual development.

Chicken Powder VS Chicken Essence

Many people confuse chicken essence with chicken powder. 

The ingredients of chicken powder and chicken essence are similar, the only difference is that a lot of chicken ingredients are actually added to the chicken powder.

Chicken powder is non-toxic and harmless to the human body. In the cooking process, the chicken powder is much more popular than the MSG.


Cooking Tips: How To Use Chicken Flavored Seasoning Powder?

Chicken powder contains the most chicken powder, and its usage is similar to that of chicken essence, but it is mainly used for the seasoning of vegetarian dishes. The taste of chicken is more rich and natural. If it is used for other meats,  it is easy to cause the original taste of the meat to change. It is a compound seasoning with chicken flavor, which mainly increases the flavor of dishes, and is light yellow powder.

Chicken powder is a flavor enhancer that is widely used in preparing simple Chinese dishes, including salad, soup, and stir-fry. Although homemade chicken stock has a far superior flavor and is healthier, chicken powder is more convenient in everyday cooking and provides a quick way to enhance the flavor of quick stir fried dishes. Example include, ham fried rice, broccoli bacon stir-fry, moo shu pork and shrimp fried noodles.

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Perfect for use in is an ideal marinade, seasoning, and soup base for meat, seafood, vegetables, hot pot dishes, casseroles, congee, noodles, pasta, chicken-flavored rice, and cream sauces etc. Use it in cooking to make the food delicious and nutritious.

Where Can Buy 100% HALAL Chicken Powder

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