What are the characteristics of black sesame oil and how to distinguish true from false?


Sesame has been used for oil production in China for more than 1,000 years. Black sesame oil is deeply loved by consumers for its rich nutrition and unique flavor.

In ancient China, sesame was also called "flax" and "seed oil", so people called sesame oil "flax oil" or "seed oil". In Japan and Korea, people also called it "flax oil", among which black sesame oil Also called confinement oil.

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According to modern nutritional analysis, black sesame contains a variety of nutrients needed by humans, and its protein content is more than that of meat. Among them, the content of amino acids is very rich, the calcium content is much higher than that of milk and eggs, and it also contains vitamins A, D and rich B. Vitamins.

Black sesame seeds contain a large amount of lecithin, which is a nutrient element that can prevent the hair from turning white or falling out prematurely.

Black sesame oil contains sesame oil, so it has a unique aroma. Due to the high content of vitamin E, it has anti-oxidant effect, and regular consumption can scavenge free radicals and delay aging.

There are several types of black sesame sesame oil to distinguish true and false:

1. Color: pure black sesame sesame oil is amber, slightly yellowish reddish, yellowish when mixed with rapeseed oil, and reddish when mixed with cottonseed oil.

2. Water test method: Dip a drop of black sesame oil into a large bowl of warm water with chopsticks. The pure black sesame oil will appear thin and transparent big oil flowers, and the adulterated ones will be small and thick and not easy to spread.

3. Smell: pure black sesame oil has a mellow and unique smell, while adding peanut oil and soybean oil will have a faint fishy smell. Fragrance oils with artificial flavors have a poor sense of smell.

4. Look at the price: you get what you pay for, and more than 2 catties of black sesame raw materials produce 1 catty of sesame oil, so real black sesame oil is naturally expensive, and too cheap is definitely not pure.

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