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Many industries aim to discover and promote innovation to transform the business world. For this reason, modern procurement functions are evolving in today's era, which increases the demand for suppliers to deliver value when dealing with customers.

What is the Procurement festival?

Procurement is the process of obtaining products and services. The procurement festival involves networking, sharing knowledge, and fun. It brings together procurement leaders, disruptors, and difference-makers to celebrate new changes, talents, and changing the procurement sector.

Why is it held in September? All business sectors have peak season as well as off-season. Suppliers aim to make the business world less difficult. Therefore, companies get more orders in September The following factors influence this:


Since December 25th is a festive season in most parts of America and Europe, the demand for products is high. As a result, the factories need to produce bulk orders to meet customer's demands. The production cycle starts 1-2 months before December.  It takes at least a month to transport goods via sea. So, Chinese factories have orders in September hence begin production. These all make September a peak season for foreigners.

Cost of materials

There is a great demand for raw materials from the beginning of June. This consequently causes a rise in material costs. The demand starts to decrease from July to August.  As a result, if buyers order in September, they get affordable prices at a discount.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs influence a purchase. It affects the price of the product in the market. For instance, during the Covid pandemic, the shipping cost was expensive. September is a gold time to purchase, seeing that the shipping cost has dropped.

soy sauce on sale procurement festival

What will you get during the festival?

The procurement festival is not complete without a taste and aroma in your favorite food.  Jolion brings you a variety of soy sauce and seasonings sauce for sale to include in your recipes. Customers will get any type of Jolion Foods product at a discount during the festival. (you can still get a fair enough wholesaler price beyond the festival, contact for more details)

What Jolion Foods offers

Jolion has a series of products. This include:

Dark soy sauce: this is often used for adding color, marinating, and sweetening. It enhances the appearance and flavor of various recipes. This sauce can be used in sauces, stews, stir-fries, and dishes that need colors.

Light soy sauce: light soy sauce is used in seasoning and enhancing flavor in various cuisines, which includes marinating, dipping, and stir-frying.

Oyster sauce: the oyster sauce is extracted from oysters. It can be used for seasoning, stir-frying vegetables, and fried rice.  Oyster sauce can be added before steaming, grilling, or used as a stock.

Low sodium oyster sauce: it has low sodium compared to the regular oyster sauce. It is ideal for seasoning, stir-fries, as a stock, or before steaming and grilling.

Chili sauce:  it enhances appetite in cooking methods such as dipping, salads, stews, pickles, and fried dishes.

Sweet chili sauce: this delicious sauce is sour and spicy. It can be added in stir-fries, dipping, and spread.

Other Chinese foods and seasonings include vinegar, sesame oil, egg noodles, rice sticks, peanut butter, etc.

Why choose Jolion Foods?

Jolion Foods is one of the best Chinese sauces manufacturer situated in Zhongshan city, China. Since it was established in the 1980s, Jolion Foods has had customers in Asian countries, Europe, America, and Africa. Jolion Foods sell all kinds of sauces at affordable prices. These sauces come in a variety of tastes and flavors to meet customer's requirements.

In addition, the company has international certification, including FDA, KOSHER, HALAL, ISO, SGS, and BRC, which ensures customers get safe and quality products.  Take advantage of the procurement festival by making orders at Jolion. We are reliable suppliers who guarantee you on-time delivery. OEM and ODM are available.

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