Several popular soy sauce categories on the market


1. Soy sauce

The word "pumping" in light soy sauce means extraction, which is prepared by pretreatment, koji making, fermentation, oil extraction and heating with soybeans, wheat, salt, etc. as the main raw materials. The light soy sauce is reddish-brown, salty and fresh, with a strong black bean flavor. Because of its light color, it is often used for seasoning. It is a good partner for home-style stir-fries or cold dishes.

2. Soaked

The dark soy sauce is the "sublimation version" of the light soy sauce. On the basis of the light soy sauce, caramel is added. The thick soy sauce made by a special process is brown and dark in color, which can add color to meat foods. An ideal helper for the color and flavor of aromatic dishes. The dark soy sauce is salty and slightly sweet, with a strong flavor, especially when making braised dishes, braised or braised, adding dark soy sauce to enhance the color and freshness. It should be noted that when cooking, to make the dishes look "good-looking", you need to put in the dark soy sauce early, but not too early, otherwise it will reduce the nutritional value of the dark soy sauce, so you must grasp the "degree".

3. Ordinary soy sauce

The brewing process of ordinary soy sauce is similar to that of light soy sauce, which is the common soy sauce in most parts of the north. Because the northerners have a heavier taste, ordinary soy sauce is heavier in color than light soy sauce, has a saltier taste, and has a richer flavor, but it is slightly inferior to soy sauce. Therefore, ordinary soy sauce is between soy sauce and soy sauce A kind of comprehensive soy sauce between. It is suitable for cooking, stewing and frying various northern dishes.

4. Steamed fish soy sauce

Steamed fish soy sauce is a kind of soy sauce usually used to steam fish. It uses light soy sauce as the raw material, and then adds soy sauce, rock sugar, Huadiao wine and other seasonings to boil it, so it tastes better than ordinary soy sauce. The taste is delicious and sweet, and it is more suitable to match with seafood, light river dishes and Cantonese rice rolls, which has a good freshness effect.

5. Soy sauce paste

The soy sauce paste is made from ordinary brewed soy sauce, added with salt, yellow sugar, pepper and other seasonings, and processed by drying. Because it contains a certain amount of starchy ingredients,
It is thick and creamy, mostly brown-black in color, similar to oyster sauce. It is suitable for braised and stir-fried dishes, and can also be used directly with food as a dipping sauce.

6. Japanese soy sauce

Japanese soy sauce is mostly fermented and brewed from soybeans and wheat. It does not contain additives such as caramel, but contains a small amount of alcohol. Therefore, it has a unique taste. Compared with ordinary soy sauce, the taste is quite different. It is "exotic". "The best "partner" for dishes, such as Korean laver rice, bibimbap, etc.

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