Selection Method of Healthy Soy Sauce Quality


How to distinguish between good and bad soy sauce, and how should we choose? Special soy sauce, selected soy sauce, Jinzhen soy sauce, seafood soy sauce ... There are so many soy sauces, there are many types, it is really difficult to choose one that is both cheap and safe. The price difference of soy sauce on the market is also very large, and many soy sauces are packed into high-end goods, which is difficult to distinguish between true and false. So, how should we choose healthy soy sauce?

First: No matter what kind of soy sauce, the main ingredients are water, soybeans, edible salt. The fewer other ingredients, the less additives, and the better the quality of the soy sauce. Nowadays, many soy sauces are labeled as "brewed soy sauce", claiming to add beneficial substances, and adding additives to increase the freshness of soy sauce. It is difficult for consumers to see the content and composition of beneficial substances from the packaging, so it is recommended to choose soy sauce with less ingredients.

healthy soy sauce

Second: There are two main types of soybeans on the market: transgenic soybeans and non-transgenic soybeans. Soy sauce made from genetically modified soybeans is generally much cheaper. After research, the content of fatty acids in transgenic soybeans is lower than that of non-transgenic soybeans. Polyunsaturated fatty acids in non-transgenic soybeans can reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular disease and inflammation in the human body, and have a good control effect. So try to choose soy sauce made from non-GMO soybeans when buying.

Third: Amino nitrogen The level of amino nitrogen determines the nutrition and flavor of soy sauce. Generally speaking, the higher the amino nitrogen, the higher the grade of soy sauce and the better the quality. Currently, the market is mainly divided into 1st, 2nd, 3rd and special soy sauce. But in fact, they are not much different in nutrition. Some premium soy sauces are expensive, but the amino nitrogen content is similar to ordinary soy sauce.

healthy soy sauce

Fourth: there are many soy sauces classified by purpose on the market. For example, how do we choose braised pork, fried rice, steamed fish, etc.? Generally, soy sauce packages are marked for serving or for cooking. It can be eaten directly for catering, and the soy sauce has high hygiene requirements. The soy sauce for cooking cannot be directly imported. It must be cooked.