Oyster sauce uses


The effect of oyster sauce

Some people don't like meat, some people don't like wine, and some people don't like oyster sauce. This is not an exaggeration. In the past, MSG was used to stir fry dishes at home. Later, it was chicken essence. Until now, many people have abandoned MSG and other condiments. It is not because they taste bad, but because they eat too much. Affects health, as people's health concepts become more and more important, only by eating healthy can you eat with confidence.

The raw material of oyster sauce is raw oysters, which are rich in protein and a variety of amino acids, which are of great benefit to the human body. Oyster sauce also retains this nutritional value during the production process. Let's take a look at the specific effects of oyster sauce.

1. Oyster sauce is rich in trace elements and a variety of amino acids, which can be used to supplement various amino acids and trace elements, mainly containing zinc, which is the first choice for people with zinc deficiency;

2. There are 22 kinds of amino acids in oyster sauce, and the content of various amino acids is balanced and balanced. Among them, the content of glutamic acid is half of the total amount. It and nucleic acid form the main body of oyster sauce. The more delicious

3. Oyster sauce is rich in taurine, which can enhance human immunity and other health functions.

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