5 Gallons Soy Sauce


Jolion's Soy Sauce is naturally brewed under sunshine for 180 days and aged for full flavour from water, soybeans, wheat and salt. Thanks to the unique soy sauce fermentation process, this sauce is a rich mixture of nutrients. Its complex flavour, delicate aroma and appealing reddish-brown color make the foods look more delicious.

Currently more and more people prefer this kind of seasoning. Almost everybody has a soy sauce(oyster sauce substitute) in their kitchen. Because good condiments can make you easily cook delicious foods in your own kitchen. So more and more clients import soy sauce from other countries. But Jolion's sauces are the most suitable to you. Because of good quality, reputational brand and affordable price.

For the premium 5 gallons soy sauce bucket, there are mainly 3 characters of this package.

5 gallon soy sauce

• Cause this is bucket package, the drum is hard enough, no need to add outer carton, so it can save more space when you load in the container. Generally, it can be loaded 800 drums in a 20’ container.

• Premium 5 gallons soy sauce bucket can be used for restaurant, hotel and some retail shops. Bulk package can help you to save more cost on the package and transportation. You don’t need to worry you couldn’t use off in one time, the soy sauce will change flavour. There is a cap on the top of the bucket, it’s easy to pour the soy sauce out. And the tightness of the cap can keep the soy sauce flavour well.

5 Gallons Soy Sauce

Do you know which market prefer this kind of 5 gallons soy sauce?

For your reference, currently this is very popular in America, Europe and Asian countries cause for its easy taking and saving cost. I believe in the future this kind of package will be popular all over the world.  

• Bucket package with handle, you can easy to take up and put down, and the handle design can help you to save more effort.

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