Japanese Soy Sauce Greatly Enhances The Taste of Food


The attitude of the Japanese is very strict and conscientious. This can also be seen in the production of soy sauce. Japanese soy sauce has always been popular all over the world for its delicious and healthy characteristics. So what makes Japanese soy sauce so delicious?

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Soy sauce can be roughly divided into these two types, one is brewed soy sauce, and the other is prepared soy sauce. The difference between them is very big. For brewing soy sauce, it is produced by fermentation with fermenting bacteria. The advantage of this soy sauce is that the protein contained in these raw materials can be broken down into amino acids. The purpose of this is to make its nutritional value higher and also Has a unique flavor. The preparation of soy sauce is made by adding acid hydrolyzed vegetable protein seasoning liquid and food additives to the soy sauce. The taste is not as mellow as brewed soy sauce and lacks aroma. But because the manufacturing process of preparing soy sauce is relatively simple, the time required is relatively short, and the production process of brewing soy sauce is very complicated, and the cost used is higher, so many businesses choose to produce soy sauce.

Most of Japanese soy sauce is brewed soy sauce. The soy sauce brewed in Japan still uses the old method. The main ingredient is high-priced original ecological soybeans, and the supplementary ingredient is roasted wheat; and most of our domestic soy sauce, the main ingredient is the price The cheap defatted soybeans are made of bran or a slightly better cornstarch. Japanese soy sauce is basically a high-salt dilute fermentation process. This dilute fermentation process is low-temperature fermentation, which is very time-consuming. It takes at least 3 months and longer takes half a year. Soy sauce brewed by this method More sweet and delicious. Good soy sauce not only contains a strong bean flavor, but also because of natural fermentation and long brewing time, various natural amino acids will be generated in it, so the taste of soy sauce will be more delicious.

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