Is Oyster Sauce Vegan?


Oyster sauce is a condiment with dark and brown colors that is popular in Asian cuisine. It is made from oyster extracts and has a salty, sweet, and earthy taste. This sauce comes in numerous varieties. Even though they have a similar primary ingredient, they vary in preparation and the ingredients/spices used.

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That being said, the most common question is whether the oyster sauce is vegan or not. As a newbie vegan, you may have questions if the sauce is acceptable. Oyster sauce is not considered vegan, but it's suitable for vegetarians. It is not considered vegan because it's made from oyster extracts. Besides that, vegans don't consume animal or animal products, including fish or seafood. This doesn't mean there is no vegan oyster sauce for animal lovers. Let's look at everything you need to know about vegan oyster sauce.

What is a vegan oyster sauce?

Vegan oyster sauce is made from mushrooms as the base ingredient, replacing the real oysters. This make
s it a oyster sauce substitute. Other components include soy sauce, salt, sugar, and water. As a result, it is called mushroom oyster sauce. Even though there is no oyster, it has a similar consistency and color to the regular one. Moreover, it makes a perfect vegan alternative to oyster sauce. The sauce is packed with flavor and a balance of saltiness and sweetness.

You can use the vegetarian oyster sauce in the following dishes:

● Noodles: it covers noodles while providing saltiness and sweetness.
● Vegetable stir-fry: it coats the veggies after they are cooked.
● Fried rice: it adds umami flavor and sweetness.
● Dipping sauce: it can be added to rolls, steamed vegetables, and other dishes.
● Marinades

How does the Vegan oyster sauce taste like for being a oyster sauce alternative?

Just like regular oyster sauce, it has a sweet, salty flavor and full of umami. These features make it great to add to recipes.

Is oyster sauce healthy?  

This osyter sauce replacement has no insignificant amount of saturated fat or fat and lacks cholesterol, making it ideal for maintaining a healthy weight. One tablespoon has 9g calories, 0.24g protein, 492 mg sodium, and the fiber content is only 0.1g.

What's the best oyster sauce brand?  
Jolion is a food company in Zhongshan city, China, that was established in the 1980s. The factory has 110 employees and 6 fully advanced production lines that produce 1500 tons of products, making it deliver retail and wholesale items on time. Furthermore, it manufactures various Chinese sauces, including oyster sauce for vegans.


Why choose Jolion?  

● Safety: Jolion is dedicated to making safe products for human consumption. Its products undergo testing and pass import demands, including FDA, ISO, SGS, HALAL, KOSHER, and BRC. This guarantees consumers healthy and hygienic sauces.
● Versatile products: the sauces come in diverse varieties. Moreover, Jolion strives to bring a wide range of new tastes and flavors to meet customer's demands.
● Years of experience: Jolion has been operating for many years and expanding the market since its establishment. It offers services across Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Latin America.


Vegetarian mushroom oyster sauce is a perfect replacement for oyster sauce. It is also vegan friendly hence suits the vegan lifestyle. You can use it as a substitute for meals that call for oyster sauce.

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