How to make soy sauce?


What is soy sauce?

Soy sauce is a liquid condiment that is used to prepare a variety of dishes. It was first formulated by the Chinese more than 2,200 years ago. Soy sauce has since become one of the most used liquid condiments across the world. It’s made from brewed and fermented soybean paste mixed with salt brine and other ingredients to achieve different flavors. Hundreds of different varieties exist. Soy sauce is used to prepare almost all Asian cuisines, marinating meat dishes, cooking pasta and stews

Traditional ways to make soy sauce

There are several ways to make traditional soy sauce. The principle remains the same with slight changes in the brewing period and ingredients. For example, the longer the mixture is brewed, the deeper the color and flavor.

Back in the day, there were no modern tools to prepare soy sauce. It depended on hard work and a few tricks from experienced people. First, they boiled soybeans, added barley or wheat, and then fermented for some time. The final stage involved adding salt and water. This process was embraced by other countries and quickly became the standard. In order to keeping the traditional flavor, best soy sauce manufacturer never change the production way.

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The traditional soy sauce brewing method used to make soy sauce still involves fermentation. This can take several days before it’s ready to use. Here are the steps

● Soak the soybeans until they soften

● Add fungi and bacteria to initiate fermentation

● Add roasted wheat, barley, or any other grain to get a unique flavor

● Lastly, add salt brine and allow it to brew for some time

● Brewing can take several months for enhanced flavor

In the traditional method, microorganisms break down sugars and proteins naturally. This process helps it to achieve the color and complex flavor of soy sauce.

Raw material, making procedure, quality control tips

The raw materials for soy sauce include soybeans, salt brine, roasted grains such as wheat or barley, Aspergillus oryzae, and water. The first step involves softening the beans by soaking or moistening and adding bacteria and fungi to haste fermentation. Wheat or barley is also added during this step. The last step involves enhancing the flavor by adding salt brine.

Quality control is carried at the production, government, and third-party teams. The production team carries out quality control at the batching stage. The government officials inspect the final product before its exported. Lastly, a third party from the destination region inspects the products before they can reach the consumer. Lastly, the consumer can verify the details using the production date, expiry date, and batch number.

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