How to judge whether sesame cooking oil has been stored for too long?


sesame cooking oil is closely related to our lives, and the dishes we usually cook in the kitchen cannot be separated from edible oil. During the holidays, many people will buy large amounts of cooking oil because of promotional activities. Improper storage of cooking oil will have certain harm to the body, and will the cooking oil be stored for too long? How to judge whether the cooking oil has been stored for too long?

What are the effects of long-term storage of edible oil?

Consume cooking oil that has been stored for a long time. Long-term consumption is not good for the body, especially sesame cooking oil that has spoiled and expired. Expired and deteriorated cooking oil will not only produce peroxides, but if aflatoxin is present in the oil, it will cause carcinogenesis. Therefore, it is strongly not recommended to consume expired and deteriorated cooking oil. There are certain methods for storing edible oil. Improper storage will lead to accelerated deterioration of edible oil. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers purchase edible oil according to their own needs, and after purchasing edible oil, the storage location of edible oil should not be near the gas stove. Prevent rancidity after high temperature. Rancidity means that the carboxyl group becomes acid after oxidation, which has a certain acidity. Rancidity will increase the blood vessels in the human body with some deposits, which will cause harm such as narrowing of the blood vessels in the human body.

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Simple detection method for storage time of edible oil:

First, pour the new edible oil and the old edible oil into different droppers, then drip the potassium iodide solution and shake it, wait for tens of seconds, then add the starch developer, wait for a while, and finally You will find that the new cooking oil becomes more viscous, while the old cooking oil becomes dark purple.

The principle of the detection method: because the old edible oil and the air produce peroxide, so when the iodide ion reacts with it, it will become the element of iodine, so the starch indicator will turn black when dropped.

Finally, it is recommended that when consumers buy edible oil, it is best to use two small oil cans for separate packaging. This will not only better control the intake of edible oil, but also avoid frequent opening of large oil bottles. The most important thing is to store edible oil away from high-temperature stoves to avoid accelerated oil oxidation. It is recommended to use black tape to wrap the oil, so that it can not only avoid light exposure, but also isolate moisture and air, thereby reducing the efficiency of the oil oxidation reaction.

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