Dark vs Regular Soy Sauce


Soy Sauce is a familiar ingredient that you cannot miss while cooking. But what is the difference between regular and dark soy sauce, and when do you need dark soy sauce in your pantry? The answer is in the article. Read more to understand the difference and use of the three main types of soy sauce (light, dark and regular).

How to make dark soy sauce

To make dark soy sauce at home is easy. You can make dark soy sauce at home if you don’t have dark soy sauce. To make the soy sauce, you will need the following ingredients ¼ cup of water, 1 cup of dark brown sugar, and ½ cup of wheat-free soy sauce. Follow the following steps to make the dark soy sauce:

• Put the brown sugar and water in a heavy bottom saucepan and boil over high heat

• Stir to dissolve sugar completely

• Without stirring, let the sugar mixture cook on a medium-low heat

• Stand and watch until it becomes dark like molasses or coffee 

• Pour it into the wheat free-soy sauce and keep stirring until it becomes the consistency of molasses

• There you have your dark soy, store it in a refrigerator

Dark vs. regular soy sauce

There is a slight difference between dark and regular soy sauce. Compared to dark and regular soy sauce,dark soy sauce is darker, thicker, and slightly sweet than regular soy sauce. Both regular and dark soy sauce flavor food, but the importantly dark sauce is used to darken the color of fried rice, noodles, color sauces, among other foods. Further, dark soy sauce is about 15% more sodium than regular soy sauce.

Where to buy dark soy sauce

Jolion’s dark soy is the best soy sauce on the market. It is a red-brown color with a fresh and salty good taste. Choose Jolion, and they will provide you with different types of dark soy sauces. You can buy it in small as 150ml bottles or larger drums of 200l. The dark soy sauce comes in a different version, superior dark, double fermented, gluten-free, Chinese dark soy sauce.

Can I substitute dark soy sauce for light?

Of course, you can substitute dark soy sauce for light in some instances. You can substitute dark soy sauce when you want to add soy sauce seasoning salt without overwhelming it with a strong soy flavor, making the dish dark color. Some of the dishes that you can use light sauce include keeping fried rice color white and maintaining a clear sauce for chicken stir fry.

When to use dark soy sauce

You can use dark soy sauce to flavor and color dishes simultaneously. Dark soy sauce is preferred if you want to add an excellent mahogany stain to your dish. You can also use it in a combination of dark and light soy sauce. Adding a bit of dark soy sauce to your dish will bring out that color and flavor. You can then add light / regular soy sauce to add more saltiness bringing out soy flavor without overwhelming color. Lastly, you can get quality soy sauces here at Jolionfoods

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