Benefits of sweet red chili sauce that you didn’t know! [Reviews 2020]


Usually, we come across two types of sauces made from chili peppers. One is the signature Hot sauce that has a very ancient history which points back to 5000BC.  The other kind of sauce: which is known as chili sauce, was invented in Si Racha, a city situated in Eastern Thailand.

These names hot sauce and chili sauce are used interchangeably may be; because they both have almost the same ingredients, however, they differ in terms of taste.  The chili sauce is sweeter and thicker than the hot sauce and has chunks of chili peppers.

Whereas hot sauce is thin and doesn’t possess any element of sweetness as it doesn't have sugar in it like chili sauce.


Uses of sweet red chili sauce:
Sweet chili sauce can give the food a delicious flavor, but if you don't know how to use it then, don't worry because this article will teach you six different ways to utilize that sweet chili sauce bottle.
    • Pour it over cooked chicken 
    • Use it as a layer with filling
    • Make a sweet chili snack by pouring it on nuts and then roasting them
    • Eat it with potatoes 
    • Use it inside grilled cheese sandwiches 
    • Pour it over salmon

chili sauce recipe

Types of chili sauce:

There many different kinds of chili sauces but we’re going to discuss some prominent ones  in this article today.

Hot Chili Sauce
Hot chili sauce is the most common type of chili sauce that is relatively less sweet and spicier. Several manufacturers are producing this sauce, but one of the best that is available is Jolion Foods hot sauce.

Chinese Chili Sauce
Chinese chili sauce comes in many variants that sometimes include other ingredients like soybean, garlic, Sichuan pepper, etc. However, all of the variants are very thick.

Thai Sweet Chili Sauce
The Thai sweet chili sauce, more commonly known as Siracha sauce is mostly eaten with chicken, sushi, and Thai food. This sauce has a very subtle sweet taste with a  touch of spicy chili peppers.

Benefits of sweet chili sauce

Here are some benefits of the sweet chili sauce that you’re eating for ages, and if you’re not then, you’ll have a reason to try it.
•    The sauce contain less calories 

•    Is effective for weight loss  

•    Contains essential vitamins and minerals 

•    Improves metabolism  

•    Decreases the risk of chronic diseases like Cancer


Where to buy sweet chili sauce?

The Asian sweet chili sauces are one of the best sweet chili sauces in the world, but sometimes it is very difficult to find them. However, I know a company that distributes its product worldwide so, I am sure you’ll be able to find it almost everywhere.

Jolion Foods was founded in the 1980s in Zhongshan, China. Since then, the company is producing high-quality condiment sauce and other Chinese foods for various markets all over the world, including Europe and America. 

Jolion's chili sauces and why you should try them?

Jolion Foods makes a wide range of chili sauces from hot chili sauce to sweet chili sauce which can be enjoyed with different types of food.

However, you might be wondering why Jolion Foods? Well, it makes one of the best chili sauces that you’ll ever try. But, to back my claim, I have written some relevant facts down below.

•    Jolion has experience of over five decades in producing Chinese foods that includes chili sauce

 •    It uses quality ingredients to prepare products

 •    The taste is amazing

If you still don’t believe me, then just go and give it a try and I am sure you’ll agree with me.


Chili sauce has been a staple in every household throughout history. Some love it sweet, and others like it a bit savory. Regardless, it’s been there, and we all love it because it turns boring meals exciting and yummy. So, if you want to try Asian sweet chili sauce then, you should try the sweet chili sauces by Jolion Foods.

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