4 Most Popular Asian Seasoning Sauce Series in Europe


The movement of cooking methods, food ingredients, and dishes across the globe dates back to ancient times. While this is true, there is no doubt that Asian food has contributed to the world's dishes in terms of taste and versatility. During Roman times, Asia used Silk Road to bring goods from the Middle East to Europe. Apart from jewelry, traders used to bring spices as well as new flavors.  Some of the spices included ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and black pepper. These spices were essential in European cooking.

When colonial officers got a taste of Asian food, they brought it back to Europe. This has led the cuisine to grow across the continent. There is no city where you will lack Chinese, Japanese or Indian dishes. Asian dishes are not complete without a touch of seasoning sauce. Let's look at the most popular Asian sauces you should know and the best Asian seasoning manufacturer.

4 Most Popular Asian seasoning series in Europe

1. Chinese Seasoning

It can be confusing to choose Chinese sauces because there are many types. The common ones include:

Soy sauce: this is the most common soy sauce. It is used in Chinese cooking as sauce, marinades, cooked dishes, and dipping. Some of the familiar recipes include Tofu Marinade and Kung pao chicken stir-fry. They are divided into two types: the light soy sauce is thinner and has lighter color; the dark soy sauce is thicker, darker, and has less salt.

Vinegar: there are many types of vinegar, including red, white, and black rice vinegar. Depending on the type of vinegar, they can be used in various ways like dipping, stir-frying, or braising dishes.

Oyster sauce: this is made from boiled oyster and seasonings, including garlic and soy sauce. Also, you can find vegan oyster sauce made from mushrooms. You can use it in meat-based dishes or vegetables.

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2. Korean Seasoning

Korean food without Korean sauce is like tasting food without salt. Common seasonings are:

Chili sauce: this sauce is used in Korean dishes like chicken wings, fried rice, or tofu stew.

Kimchi sauce: kimchi is a Korean salty, spicy, and fermented pickle. You add it to stew, eggs, or rice.

3. Japanese Seasoning

Soy sauce: Japanese soy sauce is not similar to Chinese soy sauce. Therefore, it's ideal to use for flavoring Japanese dishes such as sushi, sashimi, or chilled tofu.

Sushi vinegar: sushi vinegar is made of rice vinegar, salt, and sugar. It's added to rice to turn into sushi rice.

Mayonnaise: Japanese mayo is made of only egg yolks, rice, or apple vinegar. It is versatile and can spread on sandwiches, dip chicken salads, egg, potato, fries, and tuna.

4. Thai Seasoning

Chili sauce: Tha chili sauce adds spice and sweetness to many cuisines like salads, noodles, pasta, curries, and stir-fries.

Sweet chili sauce: Thai sweet chili sauce is an excellent condiment for Thai cuisine and Vietnamese food.

Best Asian seasoning sauce manufacturer

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Why choose Jolion?

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