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270G Shirataki Noodles Halal Instant Noodles Jolion

270G Shirataki Noodles Halal Instant Noodles Jolion

270G Shirataki Noodles Halal Instant Noodles
Happy Mum Brand Shirataki are made of quintessence of the Konjac, with auxiliary unique produce process; they will give you a different enjoyment on your tongue without fat,gluten,sugar.
Normally you can use for Hot Pot,cold is famous foods to keep fit.

1. All Konjac are selected with the first class quality.
2. Conform to EU/US standard.
3. OEM service
4. Pre-cooked,ready in 2 minutes.
5. Fat Free,Cholesterol free,contains fiber,Sugar Free,all nature!


Halal Instant Noodles
 Product Type  Konjac Pasta Halal Instant Noodles
 Ingredient  konjac glucomanna powder, Citric acid, water
Type  Spaghetti, Fettuccine, Rice
 Style  Instant
 Feature  Low carb, low carolies, sugar free, gluten free, fat free
 Specification  200g/bag, 30bags/carton.  1900CTNS/20'Feet container
 Shelf life  12 months
 Storage  Cool and dry place, avoid strong light


  Packing Details:
Package D.W. Packing Volume Quantity/20fcl
In plastic tray 200g 200g*24boxes/ctn 35.5*22*22cm 1600ctns
In plastic tray 250g 250g*30boxes/ctn 36*28*18.4cm 1480ctns
In plastic bag 200g 200g*40bags/ctn 36*28*22cm 1270ctns
In plastic bag 250g 250g*40bags/ctn       37*28*23cm 1160ctns
Jolion's halal instant noodles is perfect for household,restaurant,Asian Groceries,Asian Stores,Mainstream catering,
Food Processing Industry,Hypermarkets...or any other foods wholesalers and distributors.
Our Shirataki Noodles is also a great item for Sushi restaurant.It is good for any dishes,to make your foods delicious and healthy.