10g Chicken Powder OEM Seasoning Sauce Jolion

10g Chicken Powder OEM Seasoning Sauce Jolion

10g Chicken Powder OEM Seasoning Sauce
Chicken powder is non-toxic and harmless to the human body. In the cooking process,
the chicken powder is much more popular than the MSG.
Chicken powder can be used in any occasions of MSG,
and it can be added to dishes, soups and pastas in a proper amount.
It has a good effect of adding fresh powder, especially in the hot pot of the soup,
the aroma and taste are adapted to each other.
Chicken powder has a good umami taste, so it can enhance people's appetite.


  1. Best Price and high quality
  2. Halal,BRC,Haccp,ISO
  3. OEM brand can be accepted.
  4. about 25days delivery


oem seasoning sauce

10g Chicken Powder OEM Seasoning Sauce
 Product Type  Chicken Powder
 Ingredient  Salt,Sugar,Chicken Powder,Chicken Oil....
 Taste  Fresh Chicken Aroma
 Certification  HACCP,Halal,BRC,FDA...
 Color  Bright yellow color
 Non-Gmo  Yes
 Shelf life  24 months
 Storage  Cool and dry place, avoid strong light





Carton Size

N. Weight
(kgs) /CTN
(kgs) /CTN
Chicken Powder
10g*12sachets*36strips 30*26.5*19.5 4.32 4.56 3000
  100g*50bags 32*26*13 5 5.43 1950
  500G*24bags 43*32*12 12 12.54 1380
  1kg*12jars 43*32*21 12 13.78 2100
  1kg*12bags 43*32*12 12 12.54  
Jolion's Chicken Powder is perfect for household,restaurant,
Asian Groceries,Asian Stores,Mainstream catering,
Food Processing Industry,Hypermarkets...or any other foods wholesalers and distributors.
Our Chicken Powder is also a great item for Sushi restaurant.It is good for any dishes,to make your foods delicious and healthy.