Steps to Products Quality Assurance by Jiolion


Quality insurance is a way through which we can prevent flaws and mistakes in manufactured services or products in different ways before delivering them to customers. Quality assurance also makes sure that the quality requirements of products and the process used to deliver it should also be fulfilled according to the demand of the customer.

The four main components of a quality management process are production quality inspection, CIQ inspection, Jolion I&R Centre inspection and international assurance.

Production Quality Inspection

As a food manufacturer, Jolion Foods strictly implement the production base geological inspection. Inspectors inspect all products in batches to ensure that the foods that leave the factory pass a strict quality screening. Only products complied with quality standards get passed.

CIQ Inspection

CIQ stands for China Inspection and Quarantine, which operates directly under AQSIQ, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, one of the major institutes in China.

Jolion I&R Centre Inspection

Quality control techniques are applied according to the nature of the product, which is mainly consists of inspection and testing.The most obvious example of quality control is the inspection that are done to check whether a product meets is a specification.
Jolion Inspection & Research Centre must make analysis and test every batch orders. 

International Assurance

A continuous, systematic approach to Quality assurance creates steady growth and improvement to keep a company focused on its goals and priorities.  

jolion quality control

Sending products to overseas go through multiple inspections, various companies are working worldwide for this specific purpose. And the most prestigious have SGS, PAS and BV.

Jolion built closed cooperation with SGS, PAS(UK), BV, those leading laboratory. Every time, all products are passed a program of random sampling and analysis to ensure that all batch of Jolion products would be a pass.

What are the duties of CIQ?

Chinese labelling
Exported pre-packaged food must come up Chinese labelling, the content of which should comply with the GB 7718-2004.

To inspect products
One of the major tasks of CIQ makes sure that exporters are following existing or new rules on imports & exports to China. These inspections also include the domain of prevention of any infectious disease from entering/leaving the country.  

Safety measures against animals and plants
Other duties comprise of inspection, control, and to make sure that any plant or animal entering or leaving the country, don’t bring any threat of infection with it. In the case of pre-symptoms CIQ shall introduce safety, measures and put them in quarantine.

Exporter must come up with food approval certificate
Exported food production enterprise shall ensure that its export food meets the standards of the importing country (region) or contract requirements.

Export food production enterprises and export food raw materials planting and breeding farms shall file with the national entry-exit inspection and quarantine departmet.

As a soy sauce manufacturer, Jolion Foods can say proudly that our all products are maintained under Quality Assurance and have a standard approved by CIQ. 

These are four steps to products quality assurance by Jolion foods. The main added value which Jolion Foods offers is its wide range of Oriental Sauce, for retail, food-service and industry. Apart from the ambient sauces, sesame oil,noodles and Peanut butter, new product categories have been launched as part of its diversification strategy: canned vegetables and fruits, Peanut Oil etc.

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