Livestream shopping - the new opportunity for B2B company?


The online shopping experience is improving every day, thanks to technological advancements. This article will look at everything you need to know about Livestream shopping.

Facts of Livestream shopping

Livestream shopping is a marketing strategy where a celebrity or influencer promotes a product through e-commerce platforms or social media. The potential customers can interact with the host and ask questions about the product they are reviewing. Livestream shopping became popular in China before spreading to all parts of the world. Now it's a multi-billion industry with the top brands and retailers hiring the top influencers. The trend is expected to rise as more people embrace online shopping.

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Why do people love Livestream shopping?

Real: Livestream is uncut and unedited, making the product reviews natural. People love it because they get the real picture of how the product looks or how it works. Interesting: The brands reach out to Influencers with a huge social following. These influencers make the Livestream experience interesting to watch. Livestream shopping is a fun activity in all aspects.

More detail: Customers get deep details about the product on Livestream shopping. This ensures that customers are well informed about the product before making a purchase.
More flexible to watch: You can watch the Livestream at home without making any physical appearance anywhere. Traditional shows involve customers visiting showrooms and spending a lot of time viewing the products. But now you can do it in the comfort of your home.

Easy to buy with one click: You can buy it without leaving the page if you are satisfied with the product. Most live streams are done on the eCommerce platforms. You will be re-directed to the purchasing page if it's on social media.

Most popular Livestream platform 2022
TikTok- This is the most popular platform for the young generation. TikTok is full of influencers that make money by Livestream shopping.
Facebook- Facebook is always launching a new feature to play with current trends. It's becoming more of a social-economic app every day.

Livestream shopping, the new chance for B2B Company?
Jolion foods:
Jolion Foods is a leading Oriental Sauce Soy Sauce and Chinese Foods manufacturer. This company has been in operation for more than 42 years. As one of the most experienced food manufacturer Jolion Food integrates Automation in its production process to meet the demand. It deals with ambient sauces, noodles, Sesame Oil, peanut butter, Fruits, Peanut oil. Jolion Foods offers OEM/ODM custom one-stop services

Introduction of Jolion's Livestream
The Jolion foods company has also joined the bandwagon by introducing Livestream. We hope to give our partners and potential customers more detailed impressions of our products.

livestream jolion foods

In our Livestream, you can watch product introductions, cooking tips, recipes, etc. ‘Through livestream, we definitely get some impressive results so far. And we believe we can reach further in the future.’ Said the marketing manager of Jolion Foods.

What benefits does the b2b company get with live streams?
B2B companies can also enjoy immense benefits for Livestream sessions like a B2C business. For instance, you get the chance to better show your strength to the potential partners: R&D strength, production strength etc.

The livestream shopping centre is here to stay. It has improved online shopping by making it more interesting. Customers can buy a product to know how it looks and how it works. Livestream shopping has also created jobs for influencers. Apart from retailers, B2B companies are also reaping the benefits of Livestream shopping. Contact Jolion Foods if you wish to partner with a food service company.

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